October 07, 2012

CIO Priorities for the Next 3 Years
We’ll see more CIOs who are entrepreneurial, adapting to and initiating major business shifts, and carrying equal responsibility with the CEO. These executives will no longer be measured primarily by the scope of their innovation; they will also be held responsible for the same financial metrics of the other C-level execs.

First Key to Agile IT Governance: Stakeholder Satisfaction
Future generations of sophisticated employees are growing up in an untethered work environment where they feel entitled to having all the tools they need to maximize productivity wherever they are, whenever they want. It can be frustrating for them to have tools that they feel constrained their productivity.

Big Data skills gap needs filling says tech industry
LinkedIn employs around 100 data scientists, he said, but the industry needs many more and there are job vacancies aplenty. His concerns were echoed on Wednesday with the release of a report on big data use in government from the non-profit TechAmerica Foundation's Big Data Commission.

IBM’s Big Data Analytics Empire
When you think of Big Data Analytics, you might think of startups. Think again. IBM has the space covered, perhaps better than any other company.

Big Data Vendors Need To Embrace Data Unification and Scaling Challenges
All of the industry’s largest enterprise-focused vendors have made numerous acquisitions over the last two years to fill out their Big Data solutions portfolio. However, when organizations are challenged with the task of unifying and analyzing massive amounts of data culled from a variety or structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources, a big vendor solution is not necessarily better.

Cloud Will Never be Cheaper Than On-Premise: Claranet
Deploying applications in the cloud is never going to be cheaper than deploying on-premise infrastructure, but the service benefits of cloud computing make the cost of adopting it worthwhile.

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble Launch E-reading Joint Venture, Rename it Nook Media
Previously called NewCo, the joint venture was initially announced in April when Microsoft said it would invest US$300 million in the formation of the new company with Barnes & Noble. The company will deliver digital reading products to users of Microsoft products, including the Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 and RT operating systems.

Users Finding Relief From Wireless Data Sticker Shock
In an era when wireless data and phone service can cost a U.S. contract customer more than $1,200 annually, some lower-cost pre-paid options are emerging.

Why Apple Should Buy Nokia
Journalist and technologist Tristan Louis has a reasonable argument here for why Apple should buy Nokia, now that the former has driven the latter to the brink of dissolution. His case is built on several points:

Mobile workers increasingly dare IT to rein them in: survey
Third annual Unisys-Forrester study of consumerization of IT shows that a super-connected class of 'mobile elite' workers is injecting organizations with more innovation, but at the same time defying IT policies and creating risks.

Quotes for the day:

"To be able to lead others, a man must be willing to go forward alone." — -- Harry Truman

"Two elements of successful leadership: a willingness to be wrong and an eagerness to admit it." --Seth Godin

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