October 20, 2012

Up to Date on Open Source Analytics
The good news for hackers like me is that there are so many freely-available, open source analytics products to choose from. The bad news is that it takes a focused effort to stay up to date on the latest largesse.

Patterns in Enterprise Software
In recent years there's been a small but useful growth in describing patterns for the development of enterprise systems. On this page Martin Fowler keep a list of the most notable catalogs on these patterns and some thoughts on the broad interrelationships between them.

Introducing Pastry - distrubuted hash table
Pastry, an implementation of the Pastry distributed hash table written entirely in Go is now open sourced. Second-bit only comfortable calling it an “alpha release” right now, so you may not want to run any mission-critical software on it just yet, but it’s ready to be kicked around a bit.

India, A New Facebook Testing Ground
The company sees the giant nation, whose Internet user base is expanding rapidly, as a market central to its future prospects. Since putting its first employee in India in 2010, Facebook has grown from eight million Indian users to 65 million as of this month, making it one of the company's top global markets.

Sneak Peek into Skybox Imaging’s Cloudera-powered Satellite System
Skybox is developing a low cost imaging satellite system and web-accessible big data processing platform that will capture video or images of any location on Earth within a couple of days. The low cost nature of the satellite opens the possibility of deploying tens of satellites which, when integrated together, have the potential to image any spot on Earth within an hour.

Transforming retail with the power of cloud
For Goodwin, moving to cloud was not, in itself, the goal; rather, he was drawn to the model by how well it would serve all of Hallmark’s stakeholders — through greater flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness and the ease with which new capabilities could be added.

Microsoft introduces iOS support to its mobile cloud services
Azure Mobile Services Platform will allow developers to store planned data in the cloud, incorporate it with user confirmation, and deliver updates to clients through push notifications Microsoft has added new features and enhanced support to its Azure Mobile Services Platform for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

What Determines Who You Are as a Leader?
It’s not possible to be a visionary leader if you do not have the ability to connect to the vision that lies within you, cultivate it, and share it with others. You cannot be a magnanimous leader if your heart does not hold generosity.

New Web Optimization Pre-Release Package on NuGet
WebGrease 1.3.0 was published to NuGet just a few days ago – 1.3.0 addresses several bugs found in the JavaScript and CSS minification process, so regardless of whether you choose to update Web optimization, make sure to update your WebGrease package.

MDM Hub Architecture Styles: Registry – Part 2
The Registry hub architecture stores the global, unique identifiers for each unique record, customer identifiers and various relevant metadata including transformation logic, constraints, list of values etc. In this architecture the MDM data hub does not store any physical data, but instead stores links to the records and data attributes in the source systems.

Quotes for the day:
"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." -- Bruce Feirstein
"People are persuaded by reason, but moved by emotion; the leader must both persuade them and move them." -- Richard M. Nixon

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