August 31, 2013

FTC: Medical lab lost patient info on peer-to-peer network
LabMD said it will "vigorously" fight against the FTC allegations. "The Federal Trade Commission's enforcement action against LabMD based, in part, on the alleged actions of Internet trolls, is yet another example of the FTC's pattern of abusing its authority to engage in an ongoing witch hunt against private businesses," the company said in a statement. "The allegations in the FTC's complaint are just that: allegations."

AWS down again? Nobody seems to care
The outcry when went down last week was much more muted, and last Sunday’s event really seems to have been barely a blip on most people’s radar. Despite the consistent pattern of failure with AWS and US-East, customers don’t seem to care. Consumers are seem to becoming acclimated to the semi-regular failures, developing an “It’s down, I’ll get back to it later” attitude during these outages. But that isn’t a good thing.

4 Tips for Mentoring Young Professionals
Established leaders, also have an obligation to pass the baton and help develop leadership in others. This, more than anything, is the hallmark of good leadership. Just as John Quincy Adams once noted, “If your actions inspire others to learn more, dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” If you have young people in either your professional or personal life, lift them up and in so doing, inspire an entire generation of future leaders. Here’s how:

Test Studio: A Quick & Easy Solution To Automated AJAX App Testing Problems
Automating dynamic interfaces and complex AJAX applications is not an easy job. A major hurdle that one faces is, getting the proper reference to the dynamically created HTML objects once the DOM tree has been modified. Usually, a number of workarounds are necessary in order for your code to find the proper HTML element. Well, all these issues can be resolved in a jiffy with Telerik Test Studio, find out how. ASP.NET and AJAX applications have QAs face two major challenges:

Predictive Analytics for Insurers: Tackling the Seemingly Unpredictable
Insurers should deploy predictive analytics for marketing, product development, channel management, new market identification, customer acquisition and retention, customer service, litigation management, claims management risk management and cost control, the report notes. The insurance industry exists in a world filled with more and more rich data, according to Barry Rabkin, principal analyst at Ovum. Insurers must take the steps necessary to leverage all this information.

Theory vs. Learning Models
What the visualizations suggested to me is that the features Mike’s analyses hypothesized/tested as significant were indeed so, but that some of the relationships might in fact be non-linear and there may well be interaction effects in the data not captured in the regression models. And I suspect that by training and testing on the same data, the reported models might be somewhat overfit -- the actual relationships not as strong as those reported.

Why is Agile Data Warehousing Important?
It is difficult to translate a software development methodology to data warehousing, but it can be done. In this interview with TDWI’s David Stodder, Bruce Szalwinski discusses the value found in Cobalt’s commitment to the iterative style and incremental delivery of agile development for data warehousing.

Leadership Caffeine—Surviving and Thriving Under Uncertainty
The modern form of the organization allows us to assemble remarkably intelligent individuals and to organize in groups that when properly motivated, are capable of anything they set their collective mind on. The lack of pre-prescribed approaches or the constantly shifting rules of engagement in our markets and industries is indeed the fuel for the pursuit of great achievement.

Under legal pressure, Facebook clarifies how it uses your data
Facebook is not issuing the clarifications purely for altruistic reasons. On Monday a U.S. judge approved a US$20 million fund for Facebook to settle a class-action lawsuit against the site's "sponsored stories" advertising program, which pairs some Facebook members' information with commercial content to deliver ads to people on the site. Plaintiffs had claimed that their names and likenesses, such as their profile photos, were being misappropriated to promote advertisers' products and services.

Online Project Management Services
With cloud and SaaS becoming mainstream, product vendors are seriously revisiting their product offerings and many are moving towards services as against products. Project Management is one such area, where many have started to offer software tools as a service. Here is a list of SaaS based project management tools with varying abilities and pricing.

Quote for the day:

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." -- Calvin Coolidge

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