May 31, 2013

The Decorator Pattern in .NET
The components of the decorator pattern are the component interface, concrete component, decorator interface and the concrete decorator. The component interface defines the operations and properties for the component. The concrete component is the primary class you want to extend that implements the component interface. The decorator interface defines the contract for the functionality that will be added to the concrete component.

6 Practical Predictive Analytics Tools
Many tools promise to make predictions but, in reality, tend to do more of a historical analysis of data. The following six tools have a tighter focus: They use predictive technology in a tangible, practical way and, compared to other analytics tools, possess a "wow" factor that puts them over the edge.

Start menu isn't back in Win 8.1, but some key features are
The OS update also will allow users to boot directly to the traditional desktop interface, whereas before the Modern interface was the default and primary one. It will also be possible for users to have the same background image or pattern both on the Start screen of the Modern UI and on the traditional desktop interface in order to smooth the interplay of the two interfaces.

Pauseless Java Virtual Machine Integrates with WebSphere
The Zing JVM is optimized for Linux and x86-based servers, and the company bills it as the most scalable JVM for enterprise Java workloads. Zing can support very high memory allocation rates, and the company also claims that it's the only JVM that supports application instances exceeding 512 gigabytes of memory with pauseless operation.

The Clock Is Ticking For The Ad Cookie--With No Sure Alternative In Sight
The hard work is really to figure out the alternative to the cookie, said Tawakol. It will need to have a functioning opt-out that works over multiple devices. There also has to be transparency as to who is placing the cookie and what data is being tracked. And they need to be more closely connected to privacy policies.

Disruptions: At Odds Over Privacy Challenges of Wearable Computing
Deal with it, wearable computer advocates say. “When you’re in public, you’re in public. What happens in public, is the very definition of it,” said Jeff Jarvis, the author of the book “Public Parts” and a journalism professor at the City University of New York. “I don’t want you telling me that I can’t take pictures in public without your permission.”

Rackspace floats virty router and firewall into its clouds
"With Vyatta, customers can now get industrial-strength firewall, routing, and VPN into the cloud," says Engates, and in such a way that integrates with the Cloud Networks multi-tiered virtual Layer 2 networking service that is part of the public cloud as well as the RackConnect service. The Cloud Networks service is based on VMware's NVP OpenFlow controller and Open vSwitch virtual switch, which plugs into the XenServer commercial-grade hypervisor from Citrix Systems that Rackspace uses to underpin its OpenStack-based public cloud.

  CFOs Open to Improving Tech Literacy
The technology-related responsibilities of CFOs are for the most part still focused on more passive activities, respondents reported, such as measuring returns on IT investment or scrutinizing IT-infrastructure purchasing decisions. Fewer claim responsibility for aspects of technology that are more suited to driving business change, such as data analytics and the purchase of IT services.

Federal CIOs Must Embrace Hybrid IT in Shift to Cloud
"Make no mistake. It's not cloud in isolation. It's cloud in the mix of a series of disruptive trends that you really have to address," Cearley says. ... He argues that cloud computing, in the non-diluted sense of the term, must entail a layer of abstraction that casts whatever the function at issue -- software, business process applications, infrastructure, etc. -- as a service.

Cloud computing SLA failures: Preparing for the aftermath
When an SLA violation occurs, it's safe to say that providers will be dealing with unhappy customers. If a provider breaks one of the promises in a cloud computing SLA, the consequences can threaten the profitability of the customer's company. Luckily, there are ways to make the post-violation process less dire for all involved.

Quote for the day:

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable." -- Charles Darwin

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