May 14, 2013

Facebook to release data center switch spec for Open Compute Project
"If we don't do something differently now, it is quite possible that the closed and proprietary approach to technology development will be the limiting factor to how we scale the Internet and deliver awesome experiences to people," Frankovsky said. The Open Compute Project grew out of Facebook’s efforts to custom design and build software, servers and other data center components to deal with the ever-increasing demands placed on its infrastructure.

Change Management is Redundant Without Configuration Management
The first law of change management is not to use change management until you use configuration management first. ... If configuration management seeks to classify, quantify and qualify every element of computational and administrative resources alongside physical and human assets, then change management techniques can then be more accurately exerted upon any business or technical function once a process of pre-analysis has been undertaken.

Android is crushing Apple and Microsoft in the mobile device market
The market — which takes into account smartphone, tablet, and notebook shipments — grew to 308.7 million, representing year-on-year growth of 37.4 percent. But despite this market segment including traditional notebook devices powered by Windows, it is Android, a product of the Open Handset Alliance, that is making the biggest gains.

Sony to launch super-thin, flexible e-reader for universities
Sony said the bare-bones device is meant to mimic real paper and will have a feature set far smaller than other tablets or e-readers. It can handle only the PDF format, although it supports file creation as well as adding highlights and notes to existing documents. "Through actions such as replacing paper texts and materials used in universities with 'Digital Paper,' we aim to make classes more efficient and increase the learning effectiveness," the company said in a Japanese press release.

Canvas Control Library and New Forms Based System for building Web Pages and Websites
The newly introduced canvas element in HTML5 allows for drawing whatever you want on it using JavaScript. The current situation though is there are no controls you can use that are available that are purely based on the canvas. Akshay Srinivasan has created a Canvas Control Library with all the common controls and advanced ones like TreeView which due to the nature of canvas allow for great control over the graphical presentation of the controls and their item contents.

PayPal Check-in pays in shops without taking out your wallet
Once you've checked in using your phone, you wander round and do your shopping as normal. Then, when you go to the till, the shop's till system has registered you're on the premises and shows the assistant your photo. They check it's you, OK the purchase, and payment is magically made via PayPal as you trip lightly off into the sunshine with your new purchase.

DaaS vs. IaaS for Desktops
Elias Khnaser highlights few things that DaaS needs before it is a viable alternative to VDI. The biggest hurdle is Microsoft licensing. At the moment, the company doesn't have a Service Provider License Agreement for its desktop operating system products and that means customers have to provide their own Microsoft licensing to their DaaS provider. Without one, it gets very complicated, even more so than VDI Besides, it then is no longer provided in an "as a service" model.

Study: IT, business alignment tightens, but gaps remain
The Internet of Things, the concept that describes a Web-enabled world encompassing millions of devices, from automobiles to medical devices, was familiar to only 42% of respondents. That should send a strong signal to vendors and organizations backing IPv6 that much more work needs to be done to educate IT execs of the impact a copiously enabled world will have on today's infrastructure.

APAC CEOs Viewed as Tech-Savvy Pioneers-Gartner
“It is interesting that the Asia Pacific region, long seen anecdotally as more conservative in leveraging technology and driving innovation, has overtaken the global average of CEOs (26%) who describe their company cultures as being pioneering in the adoption of innovation,” said Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Partha Iyengar.

Native Cross-Platform Apps with Tabris
To successfully develop a native App, it is not enough to display native widgets. The user navigation must also reflect the platform-specific concepts. In the case of native App development, the developer has access to the relevant platform concepts for designing the application. In the case of iOS, this is the ‘ViewController’ principle, for Android ‘Activities’ and the ‘ActionBar’. Only a few cross-platform toolkits abstract these concepts and unify them. This is exactly where Tabris comes in.

Quote for the day:

"The key to success locate that sweet spot between Idealism and Pragmatism" -- Mark Evanier

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