May 08, 2013

CVS Ends Refill Reminders As New Privacy Rule Looms
“Over the years, we have collaborated with pharmaceutical companies to improve patient compliance to medication dispensed in our retail pharmacies by mailing select refill reminders to encourage and improve their medication adherence,” a CVS spokesman writes us. “However, in light of the recent HIPAA Omnibus Rule effective this September that places new restrictions on the usage of PHI, we have decided to end supplier-funded refill reminders through our retail business.”

Seagate unleashes first consumer SSD; enterprise version gets blazing fast 12Gbps
Seagate calls its 600 SSD "the ultimate laptop upgrade," delivering nearly four times faster boot speeds over standard hard disk drives, shorter application load times and improved system responsiveness. The drive has the latest 6Gbps SATA interface. The Seagate 600 SSD is available in multiple 7mm or 5mm-high form factors, meaning they fit into most ultra-thin notebooks as well as standard laptops. The drive comes in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities.

Are Solid State Disk Storage Options Right for Your Enterprise?
On the flip side of the equation, solid state disks are pretty terrible when it comes to raw capacity. Traditional spinning hard drives can grow to be much larger than solid state disks. It's common to see solid state disks still measured in gigabytes, whereas the biggest traditional hard disk tops out at a whopping 4 TB. In terms of capacity, then, solid state disks are very expensive.

Turn your board of directors into a key strategic asset
Creating a board that is a key asset begins with making sure that you find the best people to join. Failure to take this process seriously can result in problems relating to oversight of management activities, delays in decision making and legal action by outside shareholders who depend on the directors to look out for their interests.

Hitachi NAS Platform adds primary deduplication
BlueArc still hadn't implemented dedupe at the time of the HDS acquisition, and it took HDS engineers more than a year to make it ready for commercial use. HDS made sure the primary dedupe didn't impact performance by offloading much of the performance to hardware. Michael Hay, vice president of product planning for HDS, said Hitachi NAS uses Permabit'shash database, but "all the other heavy lifting is done by Hitachi."

Internet of Things: turning flying into a more pleasurable experience using data
“Many of the more advanced features involve tracking passengers through a mix of face recognition and crowd-sourcing software that already exists in airports, plus the GPS that is already available in smart devices. For instance, a traveler who pre-orders food online or though their smartphone will be able to have it delivered to them as they arrive at the departure lounge. When someone arrives, sensors will detect that person’s frame, and will notify the F&B outlet to get everything ready”

Data scientists need a cloud sandbox
Today’s statistical modelers and business analysts need high-performance cloud-centric development platforms–often known as “sandboxes”–where they can aggregate and prepare data sets, tweak segmentations and decision trees, and iterate through statistical models as they look for deep statistical patterns. Big data sandboxes are where you develop the all-important intellectual property – advanced analytic models – that extract intelligence from otherwise inchoate gobs of content.

How Data Centers Address Challenges in the Financial Services Industry
In an interview with RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong, Stewart Orrell, Equinix’s Director of Global Financial Services, explained how outsourcing data center services can save banks and brokers millions of dollars in capital expenditure. Stewart appeared on “Money for Nothing” – a business and finance show in which industry experts analyze current market trends.

Data-driven culture helps analytics team generate business value
In this excerpt from Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders, by business intelligence consultant and TechTarget research director Wayne Eckerson, readers will find commentary by three analytics managers, who explain to Eckerson how building a skilled analytics team and working effectively with business units on analytics applications can create tangible business value for a company.

AutoIt scripting increasingly used by malware developers
"Recently, we have seen an uptick in the amount of nefarious AutoIt tool code being uploaded to Pastebin," Kyle Wilhoit, a threat researcher at antivirus vendor Trend Micro, said Monday in a blog post. "One commonly seen tool, for instance, is a keylogger. Grabbing this code, anyone with bad intentions can quickly compile and run it in a matter of seconds."

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"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."-- Martin Luther King

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