June 01, 2013

Is Amazon becoming the Microsoft of cloud? Hold that thought
New report predicts Amazon Web Services will rule the enterprise world in 10 years. We'll see. ... On-premises server growth will slow because of the cloud; Private clouds will also eventually be migrated to AWS, creating "headwinds" for the virtualization market; and Storm clouds on the horizon for IT outsourcing as the cloud model gains traction.

Oracle reveals plans for Java security improvements
These changes, along with other security-related efforts, are intended to "decrease the exploitability and severity of potential Java vulnerabilities in the desktop environment and provide additional security protections for Java operating in the server environment," said Nandini Ramani, vice president of engineering for Java Client and Mobile Platforms at Oracle, in a blog post on Thursday.

How to Give (and Receive) Positive Criticism
People like to be right, correct, and accomplished, and when they're not, it hurts to hear the truth, no matter how nice your critic tries to be. Still, those who strive to improve, value direct feedback no matter how painful. And as long as the critic is not being malicious, he or she can actually build a higher level of trust by providing constructive criticism carefully and empathetically.

Data Velocity: Why Decreasing Your Time to Insight Matters
Business leaders understand that soaring volumes of data have the potential to offer valuable insights to their enterprises. They also realize the remarkable variety of data – be it financial information, customer tweets or mobile phone GPS signals – represents an enormous opportunity. Yet most leaders are only just beginning to grasp the concept of data velocity. The pace at which data can be gathered, sorted and analyzed to produce actionable insights is increasingly becoming a determinant of success.

Asking the right questions key to managing cloud security risks
"If we are going to manage effectively, we've got to honestly look at all three areas: the benefits, the costs and the risks," Holmquist said. "In the end, it's what you don't know that will bite you." In this video, get more tips on evaluating and managing relationships with cloud providers as Holmquist and former Accume senior manager Jason Novak discuss best practices for implementing a cloud security risk management strategy.

The BYOD Mobile Security Threat Is Real
Sound and comprehensive policies and procedures are certainly needed in the modern BYOD environment, but they're often not good enough by themselves. Most policies need to be updated to take into account the various places that employees will be using their devices, such as home use, the avenues through which data can travel, and the different types of communication that are occurring, such as Facebook, Twitter and text messages.

Real-life examples of simple, low-cost work/life efforts
Studies show that work/life programs can help improve employee engagement and productivity. But you may believe effective strategies are expensive and require a big-business budget.  Not true. Some larger and midsize employers have created innovative, low-cost work/life practices that even small businesses can adopt. Some examples:

Amazon cloud threatens ENTIRE IT ECOSYSTEM – report
The companies most at risk are those who will have trouble selling to Amazon or selling in a market where Amazon has grown. According to Morgan Stanley's report, if AWS experiences widespread adoption, the companies most likely to be put at risk are, in order, VMware, NetApp, Brocade, QLogic, and EMC. If adoption is mostly among SMBs, on the other hand, Morgan Stanley says NetApp, VMware, Brocade, QLogic and EMC are most at risk.

Signature-Based Endpoint Security on Its Way Out
"We are seeing about 150,000 new pieces of malware every day now," says Simon Hunt, vice president and CTO of Endpoint Solutions at security vendor McAfee. "The attack is just impossible&we're purely on the defensive. Before we know about any new virus, somebody has to be a sacrificial lamb and die and tell us about it. It's an awful way of doing things."

Project Lambda from the Inside. An Interview with Brian Goetz
Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle said in his blog: "the most important work that slipped past M6 is related to Project Lambda, the sole driving feature of the release. We integrated the language and VM changes for Lambda late last year, but between all the moving parts involved and the security work it’s taken a bit longer than expected to put the finishing touches on the stream API and the related core-libraries enhancements."

Quote for the day:

"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." -- Grace Murray Hopper

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