May 25, 2013

Facebook engineers reveal how Parse fits into Platform, B2B strategies
The last pillar, Application Services, is where Parse comes in. Ilya Sukhar, co-founder and former CEO of Parse, acknowledged that developing for mobile is "really hard" given the sheer amount of devices, mobile operating systems, apps, use cases, and everything else possibly related to the form factor. Prior to the acquisition, Sukhar explained that his startup's biggest competition came from companies choosing to build apps in-house.

Hands-on with Mercedes-Benz's new Google integration
Mercedes-Benz was on the scene at this week's Google I/O conference showcasing its new Google services integration in a new SL convertible. The entire onscreen interface is rendered on an Apple iPhone running Mercedes-Benz's DriveStyle app. The phone is connected to the infotainment system via a Mercedes-Benz Drive Kit Plus HDMI connection and is controlled via the Comand control knob on the center console.

Wearable Tech Market May Grow to US 30-50 Billion Size by 2018: Credit Suisse Report
Parts of the Credit Suisse report that found their way into the blog of the business magazine Barron’s, said smartphones and smartwatches were one of the key driving forces behind the expected growth in wearable tech, and could act as a hub between all our devices. The report said over time, wireless devices would become even more popular as hardware improved, and sensors and batteries got better.

Three Quick Rules: Be In, Be Real and Be Bold
This interview with Brad Garlinghouse, chief executive of YouSendIt, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. ... great cultures encourage risk and are tolerant of failure. If you don’t do that, you’re going to end up with a culture that is stagnant and not thinking about the next generation of products and experiences.

Build your own supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards
For his baby-supercomputer, Kiepert elected to use Arch Linux. He explained, "Arch Linux … takes the minimalist approach. The image is tiny at ~150MB. It boots in around 10 seconds. The install image has nothing extra included. The default installation provides a bare bones, minimal environment, that boots to a command line interface (CLI) with network support.

6 Ways To Commit Innovation Suicide
When starting innovation, a lot of the same mistakes are made over and over again. Here is how you can recognize and avoid them. These six ways of committing innovation suicide, and how to avoid these pitfalls in practice are from the book The Innovation Expedition by Gijs van Wulfen

CFOs Recognize Need to Adapt for Mobile, Social, Cloud
"CFOs have a strong interest in cloud and mobile technologies,” John van Decker, Gartner research vice president, said in a statement. “SaaS (and cloud-based delivery) is starting to affect business applications. Many CFOs use mobile devices and would be interested in getting access to key business information using these tools. CIOs should use this interest to show how wider investments in cloud and mobile technology could deliver benefits across the organization."

Two-factor authentication: What you need to know (FAQ)
"Twitter made the decision to use SMS [to deliver its second factor] because it makes sense from their position," said Jon Oberheide, a two-factor authentication expert and co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Duo Security, which uses apps to prove identity. "[SMS is] universal in some respects, all you need is a mobile phone." But Twitter has faced some backlash, he said, because many of the highest-profile Twitter hacks have been against corporate Twitter accounts.

Exploring OpenFlow scalability in cloud provider data centers
The migration to OpenFlow represents a big paradigm shift for most cloud providers. "We tend to think of networking as little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to assemble any way we want," said Brad McConnell, principal architect at Rackspace. "It takes time to adjust to big changes." Whether OpenFlow will trigger a fundamental shift in networking remains to be seen

The Misunderstanding of Master Data Management
It gets particularly uncomfortable when someone was misinformed about a new technology (and this happens all the time when vendors roll out new products to their sales force). ... A few of my colleagues and I used to call this “bright shiny project syndrome”. While it’s perfectly acceptable to acquire a new technology to solve a problem that it is suited; it can be a very expensive to purchase a technology and force fit a solution that it doesn’t easily address.

Quote for the day:

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." -- Harvey Firestone

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