May 28, 2013

CIOs Bullish on Cloud Benefits, But Worry About SaaS Data Silos
CIOs continue to grow more and more bullish about cloud solutions, with a whopping 92% saying that cloud provides business benefits, according to a recent survey. Nonetheless, IT execs remain concerned over how to avoid SaaS-based data silos. The survey was conducted by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Host Analytics.

Security Regulations: Being Compliant Doesn’t Mean You’re Secure
The problem with regulatory compliance is that, despite the best intentions they are written with, they often don’t meet the goals they were originally intended for. That said, following security standards and regulations doesn’t make your business secure.

4 To-Dos for the 'Someday' Entrepreneur
Most would-be entrepreneurs get scared off by the “business” side of things. They overestimate the skills and knowledge that are needed to run a business and assume that there are huge mountains to be climbed and learning curves to overcome before even getting started. But it’s important to confront the monster under the bed—it’s not as hard as you might think, and you certainly don’t have to have an MBA to do it.

PDF File Writer C# Class Library
The PDF File Writer C# class library PdfFileWriter allows you to create PDF files directly from your .net application. The library shields you from the details of the PDF file structure. To use the library you need to: add a reference to the attached PdfFileWriter.dll class library, add a using PdfFileWriter statement in every source file that is using the library and include the PdfFileWriter.dll with your distribution.

9 Tips for Mentoring Next-Generation Leaders
It's a low-cost and extremely effective way to prepare future leaders early on. Mentoring is as simple as a gentle push in the right direction. It's also an easy way to preserve the intangible assets of your company—the minds and capabilities of the key young people who are the future face of your brand. Mentoring increases retention of your best and brightest, builds your reservoir of talent, speeds employee growth and shortens the learning cycle. It also engenders loyalty.

Chinese hackers expose US weapon designs: report
The Defense Science Board did not formally accuse China of involvement, but governmental sources with knowledge of the breach say that the vast majority of U.S. infrastructure cyberattacks originate from the country. However, the Post does not indicate whether the data breach took place on a governmental or third-party contractor network, nor does it indicate the timeframe in which cyberattacks took place.

Do You Really Need Real-Time Data?
Big data is getting corporate executives excited. They see opportunities to gain more insight to help support better decision making, and that’s good reason to be excited. All the more reasons that data warehouse managers need to provide good guidance regarding the value of things like real-time data in the context of the cost and the value achieved.

Peter Kuper on hacktivism, the evolution of hacking and mobile threats
In this video interview, Peter Kuper, partner at In-Q-Tel, explains how hacking as evolved as malicious hackers seek to use their skills not only to make money for themselves, but also to cause financial harm to their victims. He also discusses mobile security threats and how the increasing use of mobile devices impacts enterprise security.

Google to Fund, Develop Wireless Networks in Emerging Markets
Google plans to team up with local telecommunications firms and equipment providers in the emerging markets to develop the networks, as well as create business models to support them, these people said. It is unclear whether Google already has lined up such deals or alliances. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

Documentation Guide for Teams Doing Domain-Driven Design
The most important thing is to get a shared understanding of the domain between everyone involved in developing the software, Paul Rayner, a consultant and coach, explains as a reaction to a question what kind of documentation teams doing Domain-Driven Design, DDD, should produce.

Quote for the day:

"So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work" -- Peter Drucker

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