May 23, 2013

Any Time, Any Place: Citrix CEO Mark Templeton Takes Computing Where Users Need It
Synergy is really where we try to focus on our vision of the new IT that is more and more being described as being a cloud services provider, an IT organization that can use modern infrastructure for running core services as a cloud, an IT that aggregates a wide array of external services in a seamless way to deliver all of those services with a great focus on business value realization.

Integrating asset management as a hosted application: Is it feasible?
If the traditional agent-based approach is implemented, then not all the software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud since a SaaS vendor agent is installed on each managed computer. Furthermore, many other SNMP devices like printers and switches remain unreachable. In order to use the agentless approach, the customer is required to open the relevant ports in a firewall between the SaaS vendor application servers and all of the customers’ managed assets, which usually means all LAN segments.

Google updates Drive app with scanner, Analytics with goals templates
The Android version of Drive, in particular, is being updated with improvements for making it easier to create and access documents while on-the-go. This includes being able to "scan" documents by snapping photos of them, which are then automatically saved as PDF files. ... As for Analytics, Google is adding new templates targeted towards retail and marketing professionals looking to keep better track of goals regarding sales and in-store visits.

Popular Ransomware Adds Ability To Steal Victims' Passwords
"Once an exploit kit installs Reveton on a system, the ransomware will start contacting its command and control (C&C) server," wrote Microsoft's Stefan Sellmer in a TechNet blog post. It downloads information about the system's external IP address, for example the Internet provider, city, and country.
While the Trojan goes to work shipping off your information, it's simultaneously installing and running the DLL that locks your screen until payment is received.

Leveraging Tiered Data Analytics Approaches for Better Cloud Utilization
The tiered-data approach became largely impractical, as the cost of DASD-based mass storage systems fell to a point where optical drives and tape drives no longer made economic sense. However, the use of the same tiered approach to storing and managing analytical data within traditional systems, private clouds, and public clouds may, indeed, make sense for a few innovative enterprises.

How do the most successful entrepreneurs come up with their ideas?
How often do you hear people say, “I thought of that idea before they did” or “I came up with that first”? I hate to point out the obvious, but you didn’t think about that idea enough to develop it and actually do something about it. What really matters is that you get moving on your ideas and see what sticks.

One Startup’s Story: The Evolution Of An Outsourcing Strategy
At any startup, the first hurdle is the lack of resources - lack of funds, lack of manpower, lack of time. Outsourcing – or relocating - the work can be a great to overcome those obstacles while controlling costs, increasing efficiency and even making workers happier But it’s not a simple, one-size-fits-all process. In building my company - Dropmysite / Dropmyemail – I found that managing outsourcing was an ever-evolving combination of local and remote capabilities that stays flexible enough to meet changing conditions.

Apple security update: Is it ready for the enterprise?
Apple’s security lags behind Microsoft Corp.’s by as much as 10 years, according to Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky, who expressed concern in April 2012 about growing malware threats, after the company’s slow response to a critical Java update, made customers’ systems vulnerable to the Flashback Trojan. Apple has since been lauded for smart security decisions, such as eliminating the use of vulnerable Java versions on its devices, and adding support for two-step verification on Apple IDs in March 2013

Enterprise Architects and the Inside-Out View on Value
So many EA professionals are expected to deliver cost or risk reduction, reducing the resources required for delivery of that value, or the risk associated with that delivery. They usually take an inside-out view with a primary focus on efficiency; and struggle to engage with the value delivery side of the equation. But if productivity = value/resources, then the challenge is to both reduce resources and deliver enhanced value.

Online learning made easier for India's schoolchildren
In today's day and age, the pace of learning has become much faster and a lot of kids these days are very savvy with computers and online activities. That also makes it easy for them to better adapt and interact with online learning, compared even with conventional forms of learning. This opportunity was realized by Indian portal,, which is operated by Applect Learning Systems.

Quote for the day:

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." -- Charles Kettering

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