May 10, 2013

10 ways to improve virtual server storage
Certainly there are scientific statistics that are analyzed in storage performance, but the difference is that the storage is external to the hypervisor and physical server and, thus, the hypervisor (and your virtualization performance monitoring tools) doesn't typically have as much insight into what's happening with storage (but that's changing fast). Here are 10 tips that can help you improve your storage systems' performance for your VMs.

Highly Available Near Real-time Data Distribution Beyond the Network Edge
Darach Ennis who has a wealth of experience and expertise from his background working as Principal Consultant, Systems Engineer & Global Solutions Architect with companies such as Betfair, IONA, JP Morgan Chase and StreamBase, investigates data distribution biased for occasionally connected near-real-time data streaming in low fidelity environments with traditional messaging and discusses the nuances, tradeoffs and considerations that require a very different approach from traditional practices.

Make performance and scalability testing continuous ... or else
You don't build a bridge, then try to add load-bearing capabilities at the end of the project -- but most software projects try to do exactly that. Even projects that claim to be "agile" actually treat performance and scalability as that thing they push off all the risk onto at the end. About the only thing worse than this silly behavior is going through the motions of "early optimization" for a routine or two and acting is if that meant something.

Geojit BNP Paribas launches India's first trading app for Facebook
Geojit BNP Paribas’ new application suite offers a mix of education and fun as it allows visitors to play stock games, access investment tutorials and other multimedia contents. It also allows users to carry out transactions in BSE using their access credentials. The application was developed by Geojit Technologies Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Geojit BNP Paribas.

Keeping Working When the Network Doesn’t
In reality, there are other multipliers to downtime, including the interruption to Internet service at customer premises. The interruption could come as a result of link fails to the provider among other possible reasons. A visit to Outage Analyzer indicates that, at any point in time, there is always a network outage here or there. There are times when the outage may not be absolute but the Internet may be running at a speed that cannot run the software smoothly, which may either slow down or stop work for a while.

For young students, a C# coding workshop for kids
Pluralsight, a private company, primarily offers online coding courses for professionals for a fee, but the online C# course is free and doesn't even require registration. The C# course is offered along with two other programming courses for children and young people called Scratch and App Inventor.

SIX Exchange Launches Mutual Fund Intraday Trading Platform
Secondary market trading is usually done in the over-the-counter market, which is a bilateral trading market where trades are not logged. The new segment, however, will mean that the trades are recorded and therefore visible. “The platform will allow visibility of prices and trades, which increases transparency, and in volatile markets being able to see what is going on is a big advantage for the end user,” said Picard.

Enterprise Data World reveals nine principles of analytics rock stars
Wehbe, who spoke this week before a crowded room at the Enterprise Data World 2013 conference, is making it his business to teach people about what it takes to become an indispensable analytics professional. And he had a great message for newcomers to the profession as well as seasoned veterans: Remember that analytics excellence is about more than just crunching numbers; it's also about people, processes and, not least of all, passion.

Managing Technical Debt
Messy code, which is rarely read or touched and doesn’t implement important requirements, does not have to be absolutely perfect and therefore we don’t need to spend a lot of effort on refactoring it into great code. So the question is which parts of the code should have high quality? It’s possible that a piece of the implementation has a bad design without having a bad quality - if no good design is required for that piece of the implementation.

Learning From Auditor War Stories
Organizations need to remember that if an auditor is on-site, they're always on the lookout for practices that give them hints that things are amiss. One big hint could be the way that IT workers make changes in response to audit queries -- "The really silly things assessors see happen when someone says, 'Oh, I'll just change that for you,'" says Walt Conway, a QSA for audit firm 403 Labs.

Quote for the day:

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." -- Demosthenes

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