May 15, 2013

Data centers show signs of 'green fatigue'
Those service providers and colos are also the ones investing the most in going green, he said. IT energy costs make up a big part of their overall operating costs, so "every penny they save is profit," he said. Other companies, including big retailers and manufacturers, see less incentive to improve efficiency. For some, reliability and security are a bigger priority.

Security Auditing In Microsoft SQL Server
This paper(pdf) by Aaron C. Newman, CTO & Founder of Application Security Inc is based on “theoretical best-practices” combined with  “real-world practicality” to define a usable policy for auditing and monitoring databases. By following the policies we outline in this paper, you can properly implement a database system that will work well, and provide adequate security for the data it houses.

Doctors take their tablets to work
Broward Health, which has 2,000 physicians who practice at its hospitals, recently launched a "bring your own device" program at its Imperial Point hospital. The program invites doctors to bring their laptops or tablets into the hospital to enroll and encrypt them for use at the hospital or wherever they may want to update their patient orders or see records online. Two-hundred physicians have enrolled so far, and Broward Health will soon launch the program in Coral Springs.

Creativity, Innovation and Cake
Creativity is combining two or more different ideas or concepts in order to create a novel, new idea. Innovation is using those ideas to change your world for the better. In short, creativity is about the ideas. Innovation is about the implementation of those ideas in order to institute change. In a business context this would typically involve more money generated either through increased income (successful new product ideas), reduced costs or a combination of the two.

Infinite Scrolling: Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This
Infinite scrolling promises a better experience for users. However, the good is often accompanied by the bad and the ugly. Once we understand the strengths and weaknesses of infinite scrolling, we can begin to use it to enhance our interfaces. Human nature demands hierarchy and structures that are easy to navigate. But infinite scrolling sometimes leaves users feeling disoriented as they travel down a page that never ends.

Microsoft votes for free Windows 8.1, collects kudos
"Microsoft has a chance here," he said. "By the second half of 2014, there will be a lot more touch-enabled systems. That, and these updates, could help Windows 8 long term. I don't think Windows 8 will be more successful than Windows 7 [in the enterprise] but if 8.1 is easy to deploy, that could change over time."

Microsoft’s Uphill Battle with Analytics, Mobility
Microsoft has been steadily pouring money into big data and business intelligence. The company of course owns the most widely used analytical tool in the world, Microsoft Excel, which our benchmark research into Spreadsheets in the Enterprise shows is not going away soon.

This is why big data is the sweet spot for SaaS
When it comes to using big data technology effectively, there’s a lot to like about SaaS. When companies like BloomReach create and analyze massive web-wide data sets, they automate insights that almost no individual company could discover on its own. ... Companies are tired of managing applications and infrastructure, so something that optimizes a common task using techniques they don’t know on servers they don’t have to manage is probably compelling. It’s called cloud computing.

Wanted: More Directors With Digital Savvy
"The avalanche of digital activity is making directors conclude they are increasingly ill-equipped in the boardroom," observes Tuck Rickards, a managing director of recruiters Russell Reynolds Associates Inc. Digital directors, who are sometimes decades younger than many of their colleagues, weigh in on marketing strategy, business alliances and even recruitment, several company leaders say.

8 Risks Inherent to All Organizations
A critical part of achieving a state of “manageable risks” is realizing your organization is “never perfect.” In that ongoing risk assessment process – even mid-project – Schwager says the cultural shift of risk as integral to business may be the most difficult. “The trick is, actually, to move the risk function as close as possible to the business in order to have a really effective risk culture and management. And that can sometimes be painful in today’s risk environments,” Schwager says.

Quote for the day:

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work" -- Peter Drucker

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