May 26, 2013

Android Studio: An IDE built for Android
Android Studio uses a new build system based on Gradle that provides flexibility, customized build flavors, dependency resolution, and much more. This new build system allows you to build your projects in the IDE as well as on your continuous integrations servers. The combination lets you easily manage complex build configurations natively, throughout your workflow, across all of your tools. Check out the preview documentation to get a better idea of what the new build system can do

What Are The Drawbacks Of REST?
Ganesh wrote a response, which he repeated in his blog: I wouldn't say REST has "drawbacks" as such. It does what it says on the tin, and does that very well. But remember that the only implementation of the REST architecture uses the HTTP protocol. We can surely think of a future RESTian implementation that uses another transport protocol, and that is where some improvements could be made. He then goes on to talk about four areas for possible improvement and it is worth noting that as with many people, Ganesh equates REST to REST/HTTP, i.e., REST over HTTP:

No niche for iPad: A cautionary tale on 'needing a purpose'
Don't discount the PC yet. Latest market figures suggest that there is a massive consumer decline in PC shipments. But enterprise and business figures are still widely unknown. Anecdotal reports suggest that PCs are still core to desk-work productivity, which makes sense as tablets can suit one industry and not another. Also, people love using tablets for sitting on the sofa and winding down.

Jim Goodnight on SAS in-memory analytics and the data scientist
In the 12-minute podcast, listeners will: Hear Goodnight's take on the potential benefits of SAS in-memory analytics and other in-memory tools; Get advice on the responsibilities that data scientists can take on in organizations; and Find out how SAS judges which new technologies deserve the most attention.

Logitech Alert review: video surveillance over power lines
Quality video over internal power is surprisingly solid, regardless of whether or not appliances like dishwashers or clothes dryers are running. ... That's not to say there aren't some issues. There are, but nothing that can't be mended in subsequent software updates. The core of the system just simply works — and that's a darned rare thing to say about any networking product, let alone one that mixes video, power distribution, and the Internet.

Newbie leadership mistakes and the important lessons learned
Here are eight important lessons learnt by newbie leaders around which are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only organization composed of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs.

5 Kinds of Business Analysis Techniques Every Executive Should Know
If you’re a business user thinking about analytics, the options can be dizzying. Where do you begin? Here is a list of 5 business analysis techniques to get you started. ... Once you have these 5 business analysis techniques in your toolbox, you’ll be able to cover a lot of analytical ground—and have the information you need to make more informed decisions as a result.

Leadership: A Thriving or Surviving State of Mind?
Many would say they understand the fundamental difference between thriving, and surviving. Most leaders would easily choose thriving over surviving at any given moment in time. Then, why is it that I see so much hype around teaching business leaders and others how to “survive”? How can any justice come from teaching businesses to perspire as a reaction to the economy and endorse protectionism and stagnation as a tool for growth?

7 Big Data Trends That Will Impact Your Business
We are reaching an inflection point in the market where the level of hype and frequent confusion about “Big Data” will soon be replaced by customer success stories. Already we’re seeing such stories emerge as businesses willingly share their triumphs. As with any paradigm shift in computing where a particular topic draws great attention from the press, investors and innovators, this shift is supported by strong business value proof points.

Internet History: Blast From The Past
Do you know what the biggest websites on the web looked like when they started? Internet has evolved a lot since its early days, and with the technical improvements of both screen resolution and connection speed, so did web design. Websites are more graphically-rich, but that’s not the only point of evolution. More and more effort is put into providing internet users with nice browsing experiences.

Quote for the day:

"If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone." -- Maxwell Maltz

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