May 06, 2013

Game Changers for a Cool Data Centre
Aniket Patange, Director–Datacenter Lifecycle Services, Schneider Electric, says the solution lies in evolving strategy around power conversion and distribution, server load/computing operations using server innovation, virtualisation, high efficiency, power supplies and load management strategy, and deploying cooling equipment such as better air management, moving to liquid cooling, optimised chilled-water plants, use of free cooling and heat recover and so on.

Why Are There So Many Points of View About What Lean is?
Lean thinking is not a religious dogma, it’s scientific thinking applied to business problems, which is why it’s OK in lean that different people have different opinions. Scientific thinking is counter-intuitive. One never learns something new – that works for reading newspapers and chatting with colleagues and friends. Instead, one refine’s one understanding of the world by testing hypotheses and learning to know when they apply, by how much.

Careful: Your big data analytics may be polluted by data scientist bias
Big data can only ever be as good as the machine learning that is used to provide insight, and even the most sophisticated machine learning techniques aren’t omniscient – the old adage “garbage in, garbage out” sums up this dilemma perfectly. Businesses planning to invest in big data science, with the hopes of reaping the potential wealth of insights available, must at all costs avoid introducing bias into the process – or risk jeopardizing everything.

8 Ways to Conquer Your Leadership Blind Spots
When we're in a leadership position, our blind spots can cause a great deal of damage, not only to our career but to the people who depend on us. How can you avoid this potential pitfall for yourself and your business? These eight tips can help.

Multiple Active Data Centers Required
Sandy “highlighted the importance of having data centers in geographically diverse locations,’’ DeCiccco said at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association 2013 Operations Conference here. “Multiple active data centers now are no longer a luxury, but a requirement.’’

Nine Business Drivers for Cloud Adoption
There is always a hype word or concept in technical fields, and it is up to us as technology professionals to determine if it is really hype or if the current industry topic/discussion may be life changing for our organizations. The talk amongst the “cool data kids on the block” right now is “the cloud.”

Cloud security: A real concern or just an excuse?
How do these seemingly inconsistent statistics come together? Rather than discussing the negative points at play, let’s think about what factors are at work. I’ve been talking to a lot of organizations lately — both enterprises as well as cloud service providers (CSPs) — about their cloud migration perspectives, and here’s what I’m seeing…

Struggling Companies Turn to Business-Savvy IT Pros to Boost the Bottom Line
"We're all buying from Oracle, from SAP, from Microsoft," he said. "What's the competitive advantage? There is none. The competitive advantage is all about information acquisition." Obtaining and using that information to develop the right products when markets need them is the future of Philips and its IT unit, Norton said. "They're going to be business technologists who review how we go to the marketplace," Norton said.

Growing Others
Many of us feel we do a great deed by giving our colleagues what our job requires or by being helpful. It’s one thing to be the light or water for a plant, and quite another to be the earth where the plant takes root or the trellis on which it leans for support and climbs skyward. Gardeners come and go, but the soil and trellis persist for at least a season of its development.

How to be an Encouraging Leader?
Encouraging leadership is a process that focuses on the individual’s strength and contributions in order to drive their motivation and performance to a higher level. When people are encouraged, they feel valued and cared for. Encouraging leaders bring the best in other people. Each one of us needs an encouraging leader to be around us when we need a lift. The encouraging leader adds value through believing in our potential and provides resources to help us achieve better results.

Quote for the day:

"You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through" -- Rosalynn Carter

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