May 27, 2013

Pattern-powered cloudlets (Part 2)
For the pattern-powered cloudlet environment to be complete, two more requirements need to be met: The cloudlet needs to be able to accept requests from mobile devices to find out which application to deploy on demand; and Mobile applications need to be location aware, so that latency-sensitive functions are enabled only when served from a local cloudlet.

Carr refuses to confirm China hack claims
Senator Bob Carr said that the government is "very alive" to cyber security threats, but refused to confirm the ABC's specific claims on Tuesday."I won't comment on whether the Chinese have done what is being alleged or not," he told Sky News. "I won't comment on matters of intelligence and security for the obvious reason: We don't want to share with the world and potential aggressors what we know about what they might be doing, and how they might be doing it."

Messaging Application Line Flags Sensitive Phrases in China
China exerts vast control over content transmitted on the Internet and employs sophisticated filters to monitor communications within applications, as well as requiring developers employ certain censorship capabilities. NHN could not be immediately reached for comment. However a man identifying himself as a vice president for Line based in Taiwan wrote on Facebook that the warning was required to comply with China's Internet regulations.

IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture 3.0 – Why does it matter?
"We have now a consistent story and asset alignment from sales to delivery. We started with the marketing and sales messages, which are structured in the well known four adoption patterns, which are: Cloud Enabled Data Center, Platform Services, Cloud Service Provider pattern and finally the SaaS pattern" -- Dr. Stefan Pappe, IBM Fellow, CCRA Overall Co-Lead and the leader of the Specialty Service Area (SSA) for Cloud Services in IBM’s Global Technology Services

Structuring Your IT Service Delivery for Maximum Profits
It is easy to see why and how the backwards structure came into existence. As a small IT shop grows and brings in its first engineer, the company is usually not drowning in profit. Money is tight and the founder knows they need help because the 80 hours of weekly work is killing the founder. So they hire what they can afford, which is generally a desktop technician or an equivalent lower-level technical position.

Technology Revolution And Risk
With all new technology comes a litany of opinions about the product, from a customer perspective, a financial perspective and a marketing perspective. And, we are seeing now that it generates a risk perspective as well. To highlight this point, here are just a few of the new stories on Google Glass that have generated a risk response.

Conversation with John Swainson, President of Dell's Software Group
President of Dell's Software Group joined us on DellShares to discuss the importance of Quest to Dell's Software strategy. We invite you to listen to John as he provides perspective on the following: Quest fit within Dell's Software strategy; Synergies between Quest portfolio and existing Dell solutions; and Platform nature of Quest acquisition and what that means

Amazon Adds More Analytics Features For Its App Developers
Following Google's footsteps, Amazon today announced new features that allow developers to keep a check on app engagements, usage and revenue. The company has added App Engagement Reports to its Mobile App Distribution Portal. These reports will be available as free usage reports. Earlier during I/O 2013, Google's annual developer event, Google had announced a host of new features for Android app developers which included some extensive analytics management tools to check app usage.

The Top 9 Things That Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve
To help you get the most from your employee relationships, here are the nine (9) things that ultimately motivate employees to achieve. As you read this, think of how you associate with each of them. Share your story and perspectives – and comment about it. This is a hot topic and the more we can discuss it, we can help one another become better leaders.

Quote for the day:

"I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it." -- Walt Disney

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