May 17, 2013

IT performance measurement is critical for strategic business decision making process
Organizations are now beginning to look at how they measure IT performance against fast changing business and organizational needs as IT and the business are expected to work more closely to drive business growth. Dataquest spoke to Amit Chatterjee, country director, HP Software India, to get insights on the HP-Coleman-Parkes Research study conducted in late 2012 across the APacJ region to assess the changing nature of IT performance measurement.

Google issues YouTube ultimatum to Microsoft as Hatfield-McCoy feud heats up
The letter read. "We were surprised and disappointed that Microsoft chose to launch an application that deliberately deprives content creators of their rightful earnings, especially given that Windows Phone 8 users already have access to a fully-functional YouTube application based upon industry-standard HTML5 through the Web browser."

3 Ways Co-location Data Centres Are Helping Your Business
Aside from talking about big data exclusively, Ian shared his view on data storage and suggested that the importance is where the solution is being built: “If the solution is built on a rock rather than on sand, that could be the very difference between that solution being a strategic competitive advantage for a company or failing versus the competition.”

Cross-Platform Development with Portable Class Libraries
Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) allow you to write code that can be targeted at a combination of .NET frameworks. You select the frameworks you want to target when creating a PCL project to gain assembly portability across those frameworks. You do lose some functionality, however -- the feature set available to your library is the intersection set of the features in the selected frameworks

Google rolls out by-the-minute cloud billing, introduces a new NoSQL database
At its developer’s conference today, Google also announced a cloud-hosted database for managing non-relational data. Cloud Datastore includes auto-scaling and replication for high availability, along with the ability to run SQL-like queries, the company says. The database is a natural complement to Google BigQuery, a data analysis application that’s already part of the company’s cloud platform.

Is outsourcing the answer to IT innovation?
Innovation Process Outsourcing is a critical step in embedding innovation habits into an organisation's DNA. An experienced innovation firm will be intimately familiar with the difficulties of involving broad sets of enterprise stakeholders in a collaborative process. Working underneath the innovation leader, outsourced programme managers can be embedded into the organisation as change agents and campaign managers.

Do you Really Need to Embrace Analytics?
If you have not witnessed the deluge of big data and business analytics media coverage to date, then welcome back from the coma you were apparently in for the last couple of years. For the rest of you, perhaps you have the same nagging question that I have: Are big data and business analytics such a big deal that if our organization is late to the party in deploying them, we will never catch up to our competitors?
The company has vehemently denied and dismissed this as a mere ‘speculation'. But the fact is Polaris, going by a report in Times of India, it says, "IT majors Wipro, HCL Technologies, and L&T Infotech has evinced keen interest in buying Polaris' service business which constitutes up to 80% of its revenues. The deal size is pegged at anywhere between $300 mn to $350 mn and Axis Capital is facilitating the deal".

DDoS attack trends highlight increasing sophistication, larger size
Morales indicated that attackers are "doing a bit more of their homework" when it comes to understanding the attack surface of a potential target. For example, a bank might serve a lot of SSL-encrypted traffic to its online users, so attackers will employ methods specifically geared toward exploiting that traffic. "That's what the attackers do, is figure out where your least point of resistance is and they use that against you," he said.

Google Wallet makes payments possible through Gmail
To send money through Gmail, the user composing the email has to hover over the attachment paperclip, click a $ icon to attach money to the message, enter the amount, and send the mail, Travis Green, Google Wallet product manager, said in a blog post on Wednesday. The recipient will receive an email confirmation that the money was sent immediately after.

Quote for the day:

"Enterprise Architecture is NOT a project. It is a way of life." -- John A. Zachman

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