May 22, 2013

Optimizing Disaster Recovery for the Software Defined Data Center
Zac Streelman, Manager, Information Technology at Leupold and Stevens was looking for a disaster recovery (DR) solution that would extend the flexibility of virtualization to his DR environment. ... The board of directors was specifically asking what the current solution was and what service levels could the infrastructure deliver. Learn how Zac made his decision and how it affected his infrastructure in the way his board of directors wanted.

Hitachi Data Systems launches HCP Anywhere for online file sharing
HCP Anywhere lets users collaborate on files through any device, using the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) as back-end storage. Users see the files through a Windows Explorer-like interface, and file changes and deletions show up in real time. HCP Anywhere comes a week after NetApp launched NetApp Connect, based on its acquisition of ionGrid, and two weeks after EMC extended the file-sharing capability it acquired from Syncplicity.

5 Emerging Technologies That Every Office Will Have In 2020
During a phone conversation, for instance, voice recognition will be constantly running in the background to pick out context — such as the mention of a meeting, which it will then add to your calendar. It could also be used for real-time translations. And, for your computing devices, a password won’t be necessary since front-facing cameras will use facial recognition to keep others out.

Wait continues for wireless energy consumption remedy
"We have a set of technologies and a portfolio of ideas that if we built products based on them we can handle traffic growth and still make energy consumption on networks go down by 90 percent," GreenTouch technical committee chair and head of green research at Bell Labs, Dr. Thierry Klein, said. The consortium itself, however, is not interested in productising the technology — that is left up to individual members, he said.

Researchers find critical vulnerabilities in popular game engines
Security researchers Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante from Malta-based security consultancy firm ReVuln found memory corruption and buffer-overflow issues in "CryEngine 3," "Unreal Engine 3," "Hydrogen Engine" and "id Tech 4." These are game engines that are used in video games like "Quake 4," "Crysis 2," "Homefront," "Brink," "Monday Night Combat," "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars", "Sanctum", "Breach," "Nexuiz" and many others.

"Disruption redefined" - why business is ready for the CDO
In line with this fresh new focus on disruptive technologies, we are beginning to see the emergence of a new member of the board: the chief disruption officer (CDO), who can act as a channel and a focus for this bold approach to strategic decision-making. ... So for this vision to become reality in today’s business environment, CIOs and IT directors need to ensure they are feeding disruptive ideas to the board.

We need more glass half-full risk managers
The risk manager needs to stop seeing the negative in everyone they interact with. and everything they perform. Instead, we need to be more focused on finding the positive in those around us, and then working on bringing out these positives to provide better risk management information and decisions. We need to be more engaging with others, and really show how we can work together and help each other to succeed.

HP security chief: How big data can catch hackers red-handed
"If you look at the breaches today, they are typically compromising user credentials. They steal my passwords and then they look like me. So you actually want to be able to find weird behaviour," Gilliland said. "There's a profile I follow and if my behaviour goes outside two standard deviations from that normal behaviour, you should probably investigate that." Tools developed for big-data analysis come into their own in this role, according to Gilliland.

Zalora launches cash-on-collection in Singapore via 7-Eleven
This potentially opens up a new market such as those without credit cards, and provides the round-the-clock accessibility for customers unable to accept deliveries at home during the day. The move follows a similar one by e-tailer Qoo10 in Singapore, which was limited only to facilitating cash payment collection. Last month, Amazon partnered FamilyMart in Shanghai, allowing customers to pay for and pick up their goods.

Telenor cyberespionage attack has Indian origins
During their investigation, the Norman researchers established correlations between that attack's command-and-control infrastructure and other malware and domain names, uncovering what appears to be an ongoing large-scale cyberespionage operation of Indian origin that has been active for almost three years.

Quote for the day:

"A good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow." -- General George S. Patton

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