August 21, 2012

Implementation options for Android ads in code or layouts
You can choose to set up the ad request in the layout files (XML), or you can implement the ads entirely in code. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it might be appropriate to use one or the other in different situations.

India backtracks on domestic networking tech rule
The revised draft, which was completed on Aug. 3, was then updated to say India will "progressively develop indigenous capacity to manufacture electronic telecom equipment and software [to be] inducted into the network

HTC Signals Focus on Business Market with Investment in Enterprise App Provider
HTC announced the investment on Monday in a Taiwan Stock Exchange filing, stating that the company was buying a 17.1 percent stake in the Silicon Valley-based Magnet Systems. "The investment will bring social, mobile, and cloud capabilities to HTC's portfolio of service offerings to its mobile enterprise customers," HTC said in its filing.

20 Must See CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials
Although, HTML5 will not be fully implanted until 2014 , many web designers/developers, companies and web enthusiasts are using HTML5 and CSS3 in their products and apps. In this post we are sharing 20 recent web design tutorials that explore the true potential of HTML5, CSS3 and with a mix of good old jQuery.

NetApp adds Flash server caching, forges Fusion-io partnership
According to Paul Feresten, senior product marketing manager of NetApp's intelligent caching products, the company's strategy is to bring end-to-end caching including server-level Flash. Moving to the server, NetApp argues that it can provide better performance and granularity to requirements and serve databases.

Compuverde pitches object storage at cloud, big data
The company's Linux-based gateway works as a network attached storage (NAS) head to expose CIFS, NFS, Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) and open source OpenStackinterfaces to the object storage software. The gateway can also host virtual machines (VMs) and cache data on solid-state drives and NVRAM.

Preparing your teams for software defined networking
SDN provides the means to automate networks to better support different workloads, but I&O professionals also need to understand how SDN can support turning networks into a virtual network infrastructure.

Two news items from the tech startup ecosystem broke through the clutter of politics, cricket, Bollywood, and more politics news in India earlier this month. The first was good. The second was just grim.

Communicating Cybersecurity Risk to Business Leaders
Communicating  cybersecurity risk effectively to business leaders depends on your ability to answer the question  "How much risk do we have?" with a credible financial metric familiar to risk management decision makers. Here is a webinar on the topic.

Automaticly localizing applications with Google Translate
Google does offer a web service that provides that ability to programmaticly translate strings, however this does require a purchase of a license where this application allows for the use of the web site for free.

Oracle pays $2 million SEC fine to settle India corruption case
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Oracle under the Foreign Corrupt Practices act for failing to keep its India subsidiary from creating a slush fund used to pay phony vendors.

Quote for the day:

"The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old." - Rosalyn S. Yalow

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