August 28, 2012

Intel partners with VMware on cloud security
Intel (Santa Clara, Calif.) said its hardware-enhanced security capabilities integrated directly into the processor combined with vSphere 5.1 would provide a hardened and high-integrity platform to run business-critical applications in private and public cloud environments.

As Microsoft gains, VMware insists that it maintains the upper hand
“Everyone in this room knows you cannot compete against Microsoft on price,” VMware Chief Marketing Officer Rick Jackson said in a press conference. “They are the world’s most profitable for-free company ever. You compete against Microsoft on value.”

Predicting the future ... in four parts
A four part articles on predictive analytics as published by IBM. you will also find lots of other reference links to predictive analytics in this site.

Google Has Had Enough: Files Lawsuit To Ban Multiple Apple Products
But something has changed: Google now owns Motorola, and aren’t wasting any time in defending their new acquisition, as they are now seeking a sales ban on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers in the US. This time, it’s personal, and contains a twist that could make this particular lawsuit a very dangerous one for Apple.

More Flash Goodness: VFCache 1.5 update
One particular focus area that's drawing a lot of attention is server-side flash caching. Fusion IO got to market first, resulting in an increasingly familiar compare between what they're doing and what EMC is doing with VFCache.

The “appliance” approach to Big Data and Private Cloud
In the appliance model we recognize that not all of the machines in our big data cluster or private cloud need to have a direct network path to the outside world. Many of these machines are worker “nodes” holding and processing sensitive data, or virtual machines.

Future Big Data: Getting A Grip On The Big Data Explosion
Big data’s getting bigger by the day, and unless we can get a handle on what to do with it all, it’s going to cause some real headaches for those in the data storage business.

Building WPF Applications with Self-Tracking Entity Generator and Visual Studio 2012 - Data Validation
Find out how to do data validation with the Self-Tracking Entity Generator for WPF/Silverlight. The purpose of using data validation is to make sure that any data is validated before being stored in the database. It provides users with the necessary guidance during their data input tasks and is an important part of any WPF LOB application.

Enterprise Security: Being your own worst enemy
From what I heard confirmed today security is largely disconnected from the business, largely dependent on technology, and unable to be anything more than a cost center... and it seems like the more we rant and wave our arms the deeper the hole gets. Security's inability to go back to the roots of why IT is around, is what's hurting.

The Human Algorithm: Making Information Overload Work
From business to education to government and everything in between, without studying how the undercurrent of behavior is evolving, organizations cannot effectively adapt to new trends and opportunities. Change, though, cannot be undertaken simply because of pervasive data.

Quote for the day:

"I always try to go hard on the issue and soft on the person." -- Henry Cloud

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