August 13, 2012

JackBe’s Mashup Engine Enables True Real-Time Business Intelligence
Being effective and competitive today requires that organizations respond to customers now; and that requires business intelligence (BI) in real time. In this interview, Rick Pitts, CEO at JackBe, discusses the shrinking decision window and how JackBe addresses that challenge with the next-generation Presto real-time operational BI platform.

Government to migrate critical IT infrastructure on cloud computing
Department of information technology, India is planning to set up a national cloud based network that connects all state data centers which would make that the backbone of national e-governance plan, which when completed would deliver many government to citizen and government business services via the internet.

Privacy law may hit cloud adoption: AIIA
One of the proposed Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), outlined in the proposed Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012, will limit the adoption of the cloud in Australia, according to the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

Side-by-side comparisons of IaaS service providers
Thoran Rodrigues compares the major players and some of the newcomers in the increasingly competitive IaaS space, examining both their service offerings and how well they meet user cloud concerns.

Go Daddy angles to become bigger cloud apps provider
Before its CEO resigned in July, Go Daddy snapped up small business accounting software company Outright. Is this its next step to becoming a broader cloud provider?

The iPhone Has Passed a Key Security Threshold
It's still possible for a hacker to take over a phone, but it's increasingly difficult, largely because each app runs in its own isolated "sandbox." The phone even verifies its operating system when it boots.

Indian Outsourcing Firms Hire in U.S.
The recruitment drive comes as Indian outsourcing companies, which have long been accused by critics of stealing jobs from the West, are now encountering intensified scrutiny ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

Improved Server Performance and Reliability
The new Aberdeen Stirling 277, a 2U VMware-Ready server powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 series CPUs and built on the Intel Romley platform, is but one of countless examples of how Aberdeen has solidified its reputation.

Choosing a Version Control System - A Beginners Tour of the Options
If you are beginner to version control, then read on, hopefully this will help you choose a Version Control System for yourself and whilst I can't guarantee it'll make your life better, if you find one that does indeed 'work for you' then it won't make it harder and I'd wager a decent bet that you'll find benefits you weren't even looking for!

Call Me (Or Email Me), Maybe?
Do you prefer to communicate via phone or via email? What makes you decide to get off the computer and make a phone call, instead?

How Hellboy Helped me be an Inspirational Leader & 5 Keys to Inspirational Communication
Let’s face it, work is not always fun. That, compounded with the grim hope that many feel in this economy, i.e. that they might never see a brighter future because of the poor performance of their organization, can cause many employees and even leaders to forget about what they are capable of. They lose sight of their objectives and wallow in the drudgery of daily firefighting.

Quote for the day:

"One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears-by listening to them." ~ Dean Rusk

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