August 20, 2012

Feedback - The #1 Thing Leaders Suck At
... nearly two million people had taken their 360-degree feedback tool. The statement that consistently receives the lowest rating is, “Asks for feedback on how his/her actions affect other people’s performance.”

AMD blog taken offline amid hacking claims
AMD has removed its blog after hackers claimed to have hacked and dumped its user database.

How These Small-Time Brands Made It Big
If you're an entrepreneur, you know that things rarely go as planned. Many don't survive the "Valley of Death" stage, when start-ups scramble for funding, resources, and customers, while still trying to get traction for their business idea. And yet some entrepreneurs hit it big and transform a business idea into a big brand. What do they do differently?

Announcing AWS Elastic Beanstalk support for Python, and seamless database integration
Elastic Beanstalk supports Python applications that run on the familiar Apache HTTP server and WSGI. In other words, you can run any Python applications, including your Django applications, or your Flask applications. Elastic Beanstalk supports a rich set of tools to help you develop faster.

What is the Difference Between Bridges, Hubs, and Switches?
Back to school: May be, most of you would be very familiar about this, but still, this would help some of you who have been doing application development for long and forgotten about the hardware devices.

Ethernet's future: How fast is fast enough?
"For 2015, we (IEEE engineers) expect the bandwidth that needs to be supported to be 10 times what it was in 2010, and in 20120, 100 times what it was in 2010," said John D'Ambrosia, chair of new Higher-Speed Ethernet Consensus group that will lay the groundwork for the actual standard.

Silver Peak builds WAN optimization directly into major hypervisors
"I can't tell you how thrilled we were when we realized that VMware was purchasing them, because this work that we've been doing, sort of just as a demo or proof-of-concept, instantly became extraordinarily relevant," Tinsley says.

Lessons learned from the recent Find My Mac remote-wipe attack
The recent remote wipe attack through Apple's Find My ... service on a Wired reporter's Mac, iPhone and iPad shows that local backups, system clones and strong passwords are more important than ever.

Prepare for the era of the data center in a box
Today, start-up SimpliVity came out of development phase with its first product, an all-in-one array that can act as a VMware server, deduplication appliance and as primary and backup storage.

Instilling collaboration
Teamwork is essential to getting things done, and to do it effectively managers need to draw upon the talents of individuals who have a stake in the outcome. There might be no “I” in team, but as Michael Jordan, whose singular play powered the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles, used to say, “But there is in win!”

Quote for the day:

"We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success." -- Henry David Thoreau

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