August 16, 2012

Politics of Enterprise Architecture
Because EA is challenging the status quo of the Enterprise by altering its normal course for the sake of the future: EA is about strategic planning which inherently collides with the tactical thinking and action of Today - perhaps because the change is coming today at tactical speeds.

EyeRing: a point-and-speak camera for the visually impaired
... is described as a finger-worn device made with a 3D printer that consists of an embedded camera. It works in conjunction with a mobile phone as the computational device, and an earpiece that the user wears. A single button on the finger-worn device initiates the interaction between the camera and the mobile phone via Bluetooth. The phone then processes the information and sends it to the headset.

A Navigational Guide To 6 Paradoxes of Leadership
Leaders have to “be” many things, and a lot of them are seemingly contradictory - paradoxes that hover over our daily decisions and interactions. How we deal with these paradoxes can be the difference between good and great.

Why Do Products Fail? – Picking the Wrong User Goals
Even if you have picked the right users, you may have picked the wrong goals – creating a product your customers don’t really need, or solving problems that your customers don’t care about solving.

Bambuser DDoS attack may be connected with Assange embassy stream
The live-streaming service Bambuser, which is popular with activists, came under a distributed denial-of-service attack in the early hours of Thursday morning. Its proprietors suspect the attack targeted a stream from outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Explore the benefits of customer and supplier partnerships
Partnering like this can take the supplier-customer relationship to a new and higher level and improve each partner’s work processes. Here are five questions that you and your partners should ask one another in order to work together more effectively:

HP aims three-part effort at network virtualization
Hewlett-Packard is readying three new software capabilities that are designed to help enterprises pool their computing and storage resources across a network.The advances should make it easier for IT departments to link data centers spread around the world, shield multiple tenants' virtual machines from each other and control storage from virtualized appliances.

Exploiting the growing value from information
SMAC and other emerging technologies create the possibility for new ways to develop products, interact with customers, partner with others, compete, and succeed. More than a strategy for any individual technology trend or for combining more than one of them, companies need a systematic approach to engage with these technologies. Companies that have the most success engaging with SMAC are, in PwC’s view, rethinking their business and enterprise architectures and emphasizing three fundamental changes.

Android 4.0: The ultimate guide (plus cheat sheet)
This guide has all the info you need to get comfortable navigating through Android 4.0 and utilizing its updated features. And the accompanying cheat sheet provides quick reference charts that show you how to perform an array of tasks in Android 4.0.

Going social part II: Fight for the users
In the new business landscape IT must, as Tron would say, “fight for the users,” making the technology serve people, and not the other way around. This holds doubly true in the realm of social media, which many companies are leveraging to connect globally dispersed workforces and clients.

Quote for the day:

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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