August 04, 2012

The Analytics Carnival
Ever notice how the personalities and dispositions of carnival performers often resemble coworkers in an organization? They come in all shapes and sizes. An organization’s pursuit of adopting business analytics and analytics-based enterprise performance management methodologies also involves personalities of all types.

RIM CEO Reveals A Switch to Android Was Seriously Considered
Heins openly admitted that RIM will not be able to keep up with Apple and Samsung with out outside help. ... Heins also admitted that the company was seriously considering switching to the Android platform. While they took it into consideration, they ultimately decided against it.

How NASA tests an against-all-odds Mars rover landing
The space agency has dubbed Curiosity's imminent landing "seven minutes of terror." And that's even after months of excruciating, exacting preparation.

How to make sense of the big data universe
The best, simple definition of big data comes down to volume, velocity and variety. The volume aspect of big data is actually the one that is the least important. Big data is not about petabytes of data—it can be down to relatively small volumes that need to be dealt with in a manner that requires a big-data approach.

Structured Life, Structured Work, Structured Leadership
“Every company has two organizational structures: The formal one is written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women in the organization.”

Understanding and Implementing Bridge Pattern in C#
When we think about bridge pattern the first thing that come to our mind is "it is some kind of bridge between two different implementations". But this is not true. The above mentioned This is the task of Adapter pattern which is discussed here. But to talk about bridge, this pattern is designed specifically to let the abstraction and the implementation vary independently.

Look Before You Leap into Predictive Analytics
CFOs are keenly aware that while the popularity of the term “predictive analytics” is relatively new, the concept is really nothing revolutionary. Predictive analytics is often described as data mining or advanced analytics that, as a concept, has existed for a long time. The only difference now is the abundance of technologies, tools and applications in the marketplace to analyze the large amount of data available.

Enterprise Architecture in 3 minutes
Enterprise Architecture design for anyone, in a brief animated story.

Is 'Metro' now a banned word at Microsoft?
Why is Microsoft allegedly telling those inside and outside the company to stop playing up 'Metro' going forward when talking about the new wave of Microsoft products?

ID theft may cost IRS $21B over next five years
Identity thieves continue to profit from U.S. government coffers by filing bogus tax returns, according to a new audit

A Personality Test for Entrepreneurs
Once you know your dominant trait, you’ll learn how your profile may impact your business during its critical milestones from nurturing the first seeds of growth, to scaling it, to shifting strategy, to selling it. At these turning points, you’ll know which traits you should “dial up” or “dial down” and what kind of people you may need beside you.

Quote for the day:
"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." ~Harvey S. Firestone


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