August 10, 2012

For Sales Forces, Big Data May Be Overhyped
We commonly see new technologies overhyped; their capabilities are promoted beyond their potential. Is big data your goldmine? Or is it a mirage that always appears a few more million dollars and months away? It depends on how you go about it. Doing it is not enough. You have to do it right.

The Open Cloud Company: A Day In The Life [Video]
To herald the era of Fanatical Support on the open cloud, Rackspace producer and video storyteller Dave Sims captured it all as part of his “Day In The Life” video series; short films shot and edited in a single day that illustrate what’s happening here at Rackspace.
Does 'shadow IT' lurk in your company?
Business divisions are bypassing the IT department, making their own decisions to buy cloud-based application services or use mobile devices, raising the specter of so-called "shadow IT" that's outside the knowledge or control of the CIO and the IT staff.

Nation-backed surveillance malware monitors Middle East bank accounts
A sophisticated cyber surveillance tool that monitors financial transactions with Middle Eastern banks was probably built by or under the auspices of a government, security researchers said today.

Apache Cassandra database upgrade due this fall
Version 1.2 of Cassandra, eyed for an October release, is slated to offer concurrent schema change and virtual node capabilities as well as JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) deployment support, Ellis said. With concurrent schema changes, multiple clients can issue schema changes at the same time and they will be merged across a cluster safely.

10 practices of highly ineffective software developers
The developer's worst enemy is really the eager technical manager who tries to deliver a project faster than possible and pushes developers to engage into ill-advised practices. In high-end enterprise and Web-scale projects in particular, that can result in wholesale disaster.

Virtual Panel: NoSQL Database Patterns and Polyglot Persistence
NoSQL database space has different databases that support different data storage patterns. InfoQ spoke with four panelists about the current state of NoSQL adoption, architecture patterns supported by different NoSQL databases, and security aspects when using NoSQL databases.

Presentation: Progressive Architectures at the Royal Bank of Scotland
In their presentation posted at InfoQ systems and data architects Ben Stopford, Farzad Pezeshkpour and Mark Atwell show how RBS leveraged new technologies in their architectures while facing difficult challenges such as regulation, competition and tighter budgets. They also need to cope with stringent technical challenges including efficiency and scalability.

The Management Upside of Mistakes
From misspeaking to making a decision that turns out wrong to a million other areas to show off your humanness, mistakes are part of the learning to lead process. How you choose to deal with your mistakes will help determine people’s perception of you and speak volumes about your leadership character.

Nimbula Adds Hadoop to Private Cloud
The private cloud operating system provider today said it is combining its Nimbula Director platform with MapR Technologies' M3 and M5 Hadoop distributions. The combined offering will lets organizations process and analyze large volumes of unstructured Big Data in private clouds.

The Mechanics of Contracting
Contracting should be pursued within a fluid context with principles, not by following inflexible rules. That said, having a framework to follow is an equally important element to success. Structure without principles is a formula for installed results, but principles without a structure usually generates more rhetoric than realization.

Quote for the day:
"Close scrutiny will show that most "crisis situations" are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are." - Maxwell Maltz

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