August 29, 2012

No need for UN to take over internet, says EU digital chief Kroes
Neelie Kroes has told ZDNet that she does not favour changing the way the internet is governed, although she added that there was a case for hearing out governments who want a greater say.

Midata project plan for compulsory customer data
"Midata will allow consumers greater insight into their everyday consumption and lifestyle habits by using applications and intermediaries to analyse their actual behaviours and thereby empower them to make better spending choices and secure the best deals.

Big data analytics to touch $680 mn by 2015: EMC
IT solutions provider EMC today said the big-data analytics market in India, which it expects to more than double to around USD 680 million by 2015 from USD 320 million last year, presents a huge opportunity for the company.

Podcast on the Enterprise Architecture profession–Interview with CIPS’s Stephen Ibaraki
Stephen Ibaraki, focuses much more on the growth and progress of the Enterprise Architecture profession itself. Specifically this podcast reflects upon some of the questions like the role of Business Architecture in Enterprise Architecture, the value proposition of the Enterprise Architect, etc.

Deconstruct Business Process Model using Zachman Framework Principles – 5 part videos
Check this out to see the answers with samples to the questions, what’s the difference between primitive and composite? Why do you need primitive models ? how these concepts are helpful in the context of business process modeling? How to use the primitive to create the target business process diagram? What are the limitations of the approach which doesn’t consider the concepts of primitive models ?

Orange and T-Mobile sign with MasterCard for NFC mobile payments
As the UK mobile industry's plans for a mobile payments joint venture continue to hang in limbo, Everything Everywhere has revealed an 'exclusive' partnership with MasterCard.

Going for Speed: Testing Against Performance Expectations
In this infoQ presentation, Jay Harris offers tips on using unit testing to improve the performance of applications.

The Pragmatic Architect - To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Many architects have technical knowledge that’s both impressive and sound, which is indeed an inevitable basis for design success. Yet, a lot of software projects fail or suffer due to severe challenges in their architecture. The key to mastery is how architects approach design, what they value, and where they focus their attention and work.

Best BYOD management: Containment is your friend
But there's a catch: Not all employees are comfortable with the prospect of having their personal phones locked down and controlled as tightly as the BlackBerries that Perkins would like to phase out. That's where the notion of containerization comes in.

WePay Launches Buttons To Allow Any Site To Accept In-Line Payments With Just A Line Of Code
For site owners, adding a WePay Payment Button is as easy as embedding a YouTube video — they merely add a small cut-and-paste piece of code to the site. Those buttons also enable site owners to take payments directly on a site, without redirecting to a third-party payments site like PayPal

Body Language Secrets: What Self-Image Are You Broadcasting?
This article discussed the impressions speakers create through their body language. In Part Two, I'll examine some specific gestures and the messages they, intentionally or not, seem to be sending.

Quote for the day:

If you're not occasionally failing, you're not trying hard enough - Arthur Sulzberger Jr

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