August 17, 2012

Microsoft Makes Case for Upgrading to IIS 8.0
On the security side, Microsoft added dynamic IP restrictions, as well as an improved clamp-down process on FTP log-on attempts that doesn't shut out legitimate users so readily. In addition, a server name indication (SNI) capability was added to IIS 8.0 that's designed to allow hosted headers and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to share the same IP address.

Apple has its eyes on your fingertips, for security apps
Apple spent a lot on the firm — $356 million — and appears to be in a hurry to commercialize AuthenTec’s technology, which uses fingerprint sensors to authenticate mobile users as a security application.

Google chows down on 3D-printed pasta
Google's staff benefits are renowned in the IT industry, and along with the scooters, free time for personal projects, slides and game machines, the search giant's employees have been enjoying something else — 3D-printed pasta.

Tech supporting BYOD 'not quite there'
Lack of control over employees' mobile devices and people's propensity to weaken security when deployed by uninstalling programs means bring-your-own-device trend a liability.

Medical Cybercrime: The Next Frontier
Eastern European gangs stealing computer files with Americans' health insurance information for resale? Remotely hacking insulin pumps to kill patients? A look inside the scary and shockingly unsophisticated world of medical cybercrime.

Bank of America Shows Progress in Six Key Areas
Bank of America launched its CSR report this week with a focus on six key areas: responsible business practices, strong economics, environmental sustainability, leadership and service, arts and culture, and diversity and inclusion.

5 Toxic Beliefs That Ruin Careers
People who hold these beliefs tend lack the energy required to create their own success. Don't be one of them.

Developing the brain of a driverless car
A team of researchers with Stanford University’s Revs Program will be scanning professional racing driver Brian Redman’s brain in an effort to improve computer algorithms used in driverless cars.

In a Fast World, Think Slowly
An interview with Frank Partnoy, professor of law and finance at the University of San Diego and author of Wait: The Art and Science of Delay.

Twitter edges out third party clients with tighter API rules
Twitter has revealed upcoming changes to the next versions of its API, which will tighten the restrictions around what a developers build for the microblogging platform can and can't do.

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