August 26, 2012

Overview of 'Who is best to own the data?' podcast - Talking Big Data
In this “Talking Big Data” podcast, Tom Deutsch, program director of IBM's Big Data Portfolio, spoke with IBM's social media lead for big data, David Pittman, on the question: “Who is best to own the data?”

Big Data Is Important, but Open Data Is More Valuable: Gartner
Open data, according to the research firm, refers to the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other forms of control.

'Big Data' Becomes Big Tool For Democrats And Republicans In 2012 Presidential Race
The pace of e-politics is picking up, with both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney betting heavily on the Internet’s unprecedented power to capture voter eyeballs.

Top 5 Myths About Big Data
With the amount of hype around Big Data it’s easy to forget that we’re just in the first inning. More than three exabytes of new data are created each day, and market research firm IDC estimates that 1,200 exabytes of data will be generated this year alone.

The Future of Digital Analytics, 'Big Data' and Marketing
"71% of CMOs feel unprepared to deal with the data explosion over the next five years. 68% feel unprepared to deal with social media. 65% feel unprepared to deal with the growing number of channel and tech device choices."

The Future of Video from a Cloud Perspective
While TV-everywhere solutions may not explore the cloud as yet; monitoring solutions like surveillance, motion detection, medical or speciality care are good cloud use cases for streaming, video delivery and disaster management. Archiving and video data policy compliance are other viable cloud use cases for organizations.

The Venerable, Vulnerable Cloud
Certainly, a lot has been done to bolster cloud security, reduce the perceived risks associated with cloud deployments and even with security concerns, organizations are moving to the cloud for business reasons. 

DevOps: The Changing Face of Application Engineering
The delays in software development lifecycles are causing pain. The result is reputation loss, erode market share and impact business. Fortunately, automation is emerging as a solution to the changing demands of application development and testing. Technologies such as cloud and virtualization are assisting organizations to embrace automation.

CQRS Guidance Project On MSDN
The project is built mainly on the .NET stack and uses various components of the Windows Azure platform. The walkthrough does go into details including various optimizations such as using snapshots, asynchronous calls, dynamic throttling of messages, filtering of messages, partitioning the service bus and selective caching of data.

Quote for the day:

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." -- Michael Jordan

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