August 08, 2012

Agile development costly, confusing: Report
A report by Voke Inc. found that companies do not understand costs of rework and cannot identify clear benefits of agile. But an agile consultant says the study shows a "fundamental misunderstanding" of what agile is

Do procurement processes allow Agile software delivery?
Longer projects run, higher likelihood of project failure. One of the moves in recent times to reduce complexity in software development is to adopt Agile delivery approaches. The desire to build confidence and leave tangible benefits even if projects are cancelled has provided further impetus to adoption of Agile practices. 

Plextor M5 Pro solid-state drive
CNET Review says: Fast and compatible with all systems, the Plextor M5 Pro would be a great solid-state drive for anyone who can afford it

How to Be a More Reliable Professional
Unreliability was recently identified as the number one career-limiting habit and it’s no surprise. After all, if the people you work for (and with) can’t depend on you, what purpose do you serve?Truth be told, unreliable people are actually dangerous to the success of the entire team.

Forrester: Bump the HTML5 effort; this isn't 2011 anymore
We're not living in 2011 anymore. This is 2012, where HTML5 can spread its wings and stretch out, thinks Forrester

New Healthcare Ecosystem Requires New Collaboration Approaches
In reading a recent article published by PharmaExec on Innovative Contracting, it was encouraging to see continued discussion within Life Sciences arena that strives to address the needs of their customers, the payers and providers.

Google spreadsheets gains lockdown feature
Google has added a new feature to its spreadsheet product that enables users to lock down particular sections. According to Google, the feature, called Protected Ranges, is intended to stop cells being modified accidentally when several users are working on the same spreadsheet.

Two Leadership Models
In leadership, there are two distinct organizational models. Since few things are quite so black-and-white, we might consider them to be two ends of a continuium, with a virtually limitless number of stops between the two

Google’s self-driving car: A long road, but now 300,000 miles shorter
Google’s self-driving car may have sounded like the stuff of fantasy and The Jetsons not so long ago, but the company is famed for getting its teeth into a number of frankly odd and fun projects. The new car is no exception — and it seems Google’s engineers aren’t doing too bad a job either.

On learning enterprise-architecture
How someone can become a consummate generalist without getting insane as there is lot out there to learn because EA is the architecture of the enterprise? How do someone bring focus(Focus to not to focus on particular thing)? How do I create a specialist in me who is generalist?

Quote for the day:

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ~Mark Twain

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