August 03, 2012

Forecast for systems administrators: CloudyThe traditional sysadmin role is changing, thanks to cloud computing and virtualization. Here's how to ensure you have a job in 5 years.

“Big Data” Presents Big Opportunities for Firms and CFOs
Big Data has increased the demand for information management specialists, while dramatically increasing the potential for visionary professional growth and positioning. CPAs are perfectly suited to take a leadership role in deciphering and using Big Data to achieve strategic business goals.

Why Tax Directors’ Heads Should Be in the Cloud
So what’s the harm? “If the tax department isn’t involved early, an organization can end up creating substantial risk and missing out on tax-planning opportunities,” says Fortier. A change to a company’s cloud arrangement could make it ineligible for tax benefits, in particular, or it could very easily swing the return on investment of the whole project negative, he notes.

Huawei checking claims of flaws in its routers
Huawei Technologies said on Thursday it was verifying claims that its routers contained critical vulnerabilities, after security researchers disclosed alleged problems last weekend.

The robotic datacentre: Is this the future of the cloud?
Looking further ahead, Frankovsky imagines "a truly automated warehouse environment" where machines automatically service and swap out hardware. However Frankovsky said that this type of datacentre lies beyond 2020.

Sony Developing a Microsoft Surface-Inspired Tablet
The new device will also include a Tegra 3 Processor from NVIDIA, support Android 4.0 or a more recent iteration, come with a wide arrange of storage options (16GB, 32GB, or 64GB), contain 3G connectivity and offer 10 hours of Wi-Fi battery life.

100 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
Reading these quintessential business books is going to be my MBA. So, not only should you read these books – you should take notes and execute as much of what you learn as you can.

Power Up Your Leadership Effectiveness With Skilled Decision Making
One thing is for sure – a leader’s decision-making impacts credibility. So, take a moment now to think about your decision-making. Why take a moment? Decision-making is so natural, so automatic many of us aren’t aware of our decision-making style let alone how skilled we may or may not be.

Revisiting Information’s ROI
One common measure of success in IT has been based on dollars spent and time to return on investment. That approach can bring some level of visibility to our spending effectiveness, especially on the cost reduction side in headcount and overhead. But that kind of return isn’t really based on the value of information.

Quote for the day:

"A leader is someone who can do everything him(her)self, but let's other people help him(her)." 
-- Don Rittner

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