August 11, 2012

6 Things Hiring Managers Don’t Get About Recruiting
You could have had great success in finding candidates but could have encountered many obstacles in trying to place those candidates because often many hiring managers mismanage the hiring process. Read on to know the five issues hiring managers must consider when trying to fill their open positions with superstar candidates.

The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That’s Changing the Rules of Business
One consequence of this data-driven revolution is that the whole attitude toward writing software, or even imagining it, becomes subtly constrained.

The Biggest Cloud Computing Security Risk Is Impossible to Eliminate
Despite all that noise, it's odd to realize that the incident with the greatest potential to cause a change in attitude among users and IT is the hack of a single reporter's backup account on Apple's consumer-oriented iCloud storage service.

Social still can't beat search in online shopping
Although the amount of site traffic generated by social media has more than doubled, it's still no match for search engines or e-mail referrals.

Enterprise Architecture – How a lack of planning can trip up your business
Without a clear view of an ideal future state of the enterprise, it becomes easy for businesses to fall into the trap of implementing disparate business capabilities, applications and infrastructure components which do not optimally relate to each other.

The Future of HTTP and the Controversy over SPDY
 IETF has discussed the future of HTTP, and the next version is to be using SPDY as a starting point. There is a controversy though: Microsoft claims SPDY is no better than HTTP/1.1 with all optimizations turned on, while SPDY’s inventor says Microsoft’s tests actually confirm SPDY’s advantage in a real world scenario.

Google Open Sources Leak Finder, a JavaScript Tool for Detecting Memory Leaks
Currently, Leak Finder works with Closures but it can be configured to work with other libraries. Closures is an open source JavaScript library containing widgets, an event framework, tools for DOM manipulation, a unit testing framework, animation tools, and other components, being used extensively across Google services such as GMail, GDocs, GMaps and others.

Achieving True Business Analysis Competency
Want to improve business analysis competency but don’t know where to start? Need a way to make sure management will support the effort? This offering from DEA can help. Many forward-thinking organizations have begun dedicated efforts to increase business analysis competency. But getting started is one of the biggest challenges these efforts face. Success requires an understanding of current business analysis practices, careful planning, and clear measureable goals against which progress and success can be gauged. Without a solid business case to support the effort, work can lose momentum, focus and management backing.

Inline MSIL in C# and Generic Pointers
The following article discusses how to achieve inline CIL (MSIL/IL) into the C# language. Using said implementation, we can achieve things that the compiler usually prevents us from doing due to type-safety and other safety-checks. One of these things is generic pointer types which can be very useful.

Quote for the day:
"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield." ~Warren Buffett

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