August 02, 2012

Continuing Innovation in Information TechnologyHere is a free PDF book (registration recommended) authored by Committee on Depicting Innovation in Information Technology; Computer Science and Telecommunications Board; Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences; National Research Council on the topic. Registration will entail you to access more books online.

Dangerous assumptions about clouds
European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding worries a lot about the privacy and security of EU citizens' data. And she can be a tough critic of the US privacy protection framework.But even Commissioner Reding had to cry foul late last year when she saw the advertising of an EU Cloud Computing service suggesting that its geographic location would protect data from the reaches of the USA Patriot Act.

Mexico hotel giant puts its IT in Texas
Cross-border cloud computing is no barrier for one large Mexican company, but trade barriers make it a source of worry in Washington.

New data center design boasts 'world's most efficient cooling system'
A new kind of data center claiming to employ "the world's most efficient cooling system" turns the traditionally unbearable "hot aisle" between server racks into a rather pleasant air-conditioned hallway, all the while using significantly less energy.

6 Tech Startups With a Fun Spin on Fitness
Technology companies are ripe with ideas for making fitness fun. In fact, there are way too many standouts to include them all here, but we've picked our favorites in several categories. So now you have no excuse. Get off the couch--or you might not survive the zombie apocalypse.

The Case for Lying to Yourself
Lying to yourself—or self-deception, as psychologists call it—can actually have benefits. And nearly everybody does it, based on a growing body of research using new experimental techniques.

The Upside Of Conflict
Don't shrug off conflict in your IT team as just a sign of poorly matched personalities. Instead, turn office struggles around to create a more productive IT shop.

Security Intelligence Summit
With next generation SIEM and log management solutions creating a change in how IT professionals approach security, the result is a shift out of the operational and into the strategic thinking of organizations. Join the Security Intelligence summit to hear industry thought leaders discuss cutting-edge ideas on how you can integrate your company's security solutions into an intelligent system that will allow you to proactively track threats, gain insight into zero-day attacks and bring business value to your organization.

Positive Workplace Psychology Permeates the Community
A number of studies have shown that a workplace promoting positive psychology among employees and clients can increase innovation, loyalty and pride among those who work with the organization

Firms need to rethink capacity management
As more organizations virtualize their infrastructure and move toward on-demand IT provisioning, IT pros will need different approach to monitoring and meeting users' tech needs.

Data Warehousing and Metadata: The Enterprise Perspective
What is the problem with enterprise-wide data, especially enterprise-wide metadata? There are several systemic challenges to the emergence of enterprise-wide metadata. These challenges include ...

Quote for the day:

"The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all - doing nothing." -- Ben Franklin


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