August 01, 2012

Kenneth van Wyk: Digital duct tape for SSL
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) just can't catch a break these days. Everywhere we turn, it seems, SSL is being implicated in security problems. We've seen attacks against root certificate authorities (CA). We've seen weaknesses in how SSL certificates are validated. And now, those weaknesses have been used to attack Apple's in-app purchase mechanism.

Architect your enterprise to transform to Cloud Computing
Michael first lays the foundation characterizing enterprise architecture as exercises that gather dust on the shelves rather than being applied effectively across multiple environments – traditional or cloud-based. He attributes the "siloed" applications as being one of the contributing factors for this syndrome.

Microsoft reboots Hotmail to build consumer destination, says analyst
Microsoft's rebranding of Hotmail as is a move by the company to hold its first-place position in free email while pushing the domain as more of a consumer destination, an analyst said today.

Proteus gains de novo FDA clearance for ingestible biomedical sensor
The IEM sensor, which can be embedded into a pill, is activated by stomach fluid, then transmits a signal through the body to the skin patch, indicating that a patient has ingested medication. The patch also measures patient vitals and body position, and wirelessly sends all of the data to a Proteus smartphone app.

A Database of All Medical Knowledge: Why Not?
Physicians won't become obsolete any time soon, but the comprehensive integration of everything we know about well-being could revolutionize medical care.

Is IT Losing the Battle to Keep Security Devices Safe?
When asked to quantify that cost, “a staggering 12 percent of companies waste ‘months’” every year because of lost security tokens, and 10 percent said such tasks cost them “weeks every year in management time chasing and replacing physical tokens.” Some enterprises are luckier: 13 percent estimate the loss in days, and 16 percent said the cost was just a few hours.

iPhone 5 release date: September 12, reports claim
Apple plans a September 12 special event during which it is expected to at last reveal its new iPhone, also known as the iPhone 5 according to a series of reputable reports with the product set to ship 9 days later.

The rise of the chief culture officer
More companies are looking to have someone around to keep an eye on their culture, but doing it well takes more than just adding an additional office in the C-Suite.

The 5 Traits of High-Potential Employees
Who will be ready to run your company when you can't be everywhere anymore? Here's how to pick your next generation of leaders.

10 Ways Startups Can Track Trends: And Why It’s So Important
Spotting trends early makes it possible tocome up with smart startup ideas - or modify your startup plans to jump on a new trend just as it takes off. Just as most important, you can avoid the risk of starting a business based on a trend that’s just about to fizzle out. Fortunately, tracking trends isn’t as hard as it used to be.

How Big is Big Data?
The hype around big data has grown exponentially in recent times. Although much has been said about big data, it is still a misunderstood topic, with confused definitions. EMC published a hand-drawn animation attempting to explain in a simple way which is Big Data. Worth watching, the result was interesting.

Open WebOS will only run on 'future hardware platforms'
The team behind the open-sourced successor to HP's failed mobile platform has said it will only run on hardware that supports at least the 3.3 release of the Linux kernel

Quote for the day:
"Innovation is often about trying and failing. If failure leads to blame, you'll create an innovation short-circuit." -- Frank Wander, founder and CEO of the IT Excellence Institute


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