August 06, 2012

eBay puts OpenStack to work
eBay goes public about its first implementation of OpenStack along with Nicira network virtualization, hinting at broader adoption to come

Android application architecture.
A four part series of blog posts by Vlad Nevzorov on Android Application Architecture. Through part I of this series the author gives you a bit of history and the three distinctively different and very much separated architectural layers.

IT execs explain their moves to solid-state storage
Fred Abounader, a performance systems engineer at chip maker AMD, recently deployed a 3TB all-NAND flash storage array into a virtual server test environment. The result, he said, was astounding.

iCloud breach highlights some hard truths about the consumer cloud
The hard truth for consumers is that using cloud services means they’re often at the mercy of their cloud providers’ security practices, perhaps even their HR practices. However, unless they’re willing to abstain from the cloud altogether, trusting their providers is often all consumers can do.

Car-hacking: Bluetooth and other security issues
Out-of-control honking horns may be annoying, but other types of hacking, such as cutting the engine of unsuspecting drivers, could have deadly consequences. Although most experts agree there isn't an immediate risk, vehicle hacking is something that bears watching.

The Reverse Psychology of Temptation
There are two conditions necessary to make this an effective strategy and keep it good-natured: The commitment the person wants to make needs to be self-motivated and the person doing the ribbing needs to be a trusted friend who doesn't abuse positional power.

Envisioning emerging technology for 2012 and beyond
Looking at emerging trends and research, one can predict and draw conclusions about how the technological sphere is developing, and which technologies should become mainstream in the coming years. Envisioning technology is meant to facilitate these observations by taking a step back and seeing the wider context. By speculating about what lies beyond the horizon we can make better decisions of what to create today.

How to Stop so you can Start
Before you find your personal best, let go of your mediocrity. Determine what isn’t working and stop it.

Developer Break: Dart, DotTrace, Azure and YUI
Developer Break – catching the smaller but important changes and updates to tools and specifications, utilities and libraries:

Big data and transaction processing
Organizations need to compile and hold larger amounts of data. Many big data tools are useful when the goal is discovery and analysis of that data. What needs to be done if a transactional system needs access to a huge, rapidly changing data store.

Quote for the day:

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails." --John C. Maxwell


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