March 15, 2013

The BYOD focus is shifting from security to strategy
Partly, it’s that smart IT teams have realized they’re fighting a losing battle – with employees who are just trying to get their job done. “They’ve gone through the – entirely necessary – defensive thinking and they’ve realised ‘The more I say no, the less secure I become’.” ... “The conversation moves beyond BYOD to the ‘bring your own tools’ phenomenon,” says McQuire ... That means a strategic approach that’s not just about security and turning things off; it’s about taking advantage of these devices.

How You Can Benefit from All Your Stress
As Crum, Salovey, and Achor discovered, people have different beliefs about stress. Some people — arguably most people — believe that stress is a bad thing. They agreed with statements like "The effects of stress are negative and should be avoided," and the researchers called this the stress-is-debilitating mindset. Those who instead agreed that "Experiencing stress facilitates my learning and growth" had what they called a stress-is-enhancing mindset.

US NIST's Vulnerability Database Hacked
Last Friday, a NIST firewall "detected suspicious activity and took steps to block unusual traffic from reaching the Internet," said spokeswoman Gail Porter. "NIST began investigating the cause of the unusual activity and the servers were taken offline." The National Vulnerability Database is a comprehensive repository of information that allows computers to conduct automated searches for the latest known vulnerabilities in hardware or software computing products, Porter said.

Heads up Apple, here comes Samsung's 8-core chip
The Exynos 5 Octa uses technology from chip designer ARM called big.LITTLE. In other words, there are four "big" high-performance cores (up to 1.8GHz) and four "little" power-efficient cores (up to 1.2GHz), referred to as Cortex A15 and A7, respectively. ARM describes the Cortex A15 as suited for "heavy workloads," like gaming, and the Cortex A7 for doing more mundane workloads, such as managing operating system activities.

Google BigQuery is now even bigger
With the latest updates — announced in a blog post by BigQuery Product Manager Ju-kay Kwek on Thursday — users can now join large tables, import and query timestamped data, and aggregate large collections of distinct values. It’s hardly the equivalent of Google launching Compute Engine last summer, but as (arguably) the inspiration for the SQL-on-Hadoop trend that’s sweeping the big data world right now, every improvement to BigQuery is notable.

Time for an Architectural Reckoning
Architectural Reckoning is about which platform works best for which purpose. The synthetic architecture (the New Synthesis) that is its product won’t be organized or managed – won’t be understood – primarily on DM-like terms. Architectural Reckoning is a multi-disciplinary project, involving stakeholders from different factions across IT and the line of business. That this entire article has assessed this project from a DM-centric perspective is testament to just How Hard of a task it is. Who’s up for it?

Coming soon: Self-healing chips for smartphones, computers?
"It was incredible the first time the system kicked in and healed itself," said Ali Hajimiri, a professor of electrical engineering at Caltech, in a statement. "It felt like we were witnessing the next step in the evolution of integrated circuits. We had literally just blasted half the amplifier and vaporized many of its components, such as transistors, and it was able to recover to nearly its ideal performance."

How to Adjust to the Changing Face of Software Testing
Part of that transformation, Klain continues, means developing a "culture of professional testing" that drives how Barclays first recruits and then develop testers. This culture focuses our training, coaching, and mentoring programs that, in turn, hone in on testing skills such as heuristic test strategies, visual test models, exploratory testing and qualitative reporting.

Android vs. iOS: User Differences Every Developer Should Know
With Android and iPhone now combining for nearly 90 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, many app developers are concentrating their efforts on serving the majority of smartphone users through these two platforms. But there is an inherent tension when resources are limited and developers must choose one over the other, or decide which platform to develop for first. As a result, every app developer should be armed with some basic facts around the differences between Android and iPhone users when making these decisions.

UK scraps government CIO in tech project shake-up
While CIOs are expected to use the flows of information and data from that technology and across business systems to inform strategy, according to Bracken, this is tough in government because so much of that information and data residing in outsourced services and proprietary software. "Unfortunately, this means that many of our CIOs are performing as quasi-procurement and contract managers, rather than really driving business performance based on meeting user needs. The result? An uneven playing field, with the CIO role in government varying hugely by department and agency."

Quote for the day:

"The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players." -- Blaine Lee

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