March 12, 2013

RSA reports security shift toward monitoring and response capabilities
Customers' habits are maturing in the face of 100,000 new malware threats a day. The scale of this threat is impossible to manage unless businesses can improve their ability to understand what is happening in their networks, Tom Heiser told Computer Weekly. The need to get ahead and improve understanding of new and emerging threats is what is driving RSA product offerings, he said.

Indian startups go abroad to win at home
In an interview with ZDNet, Manju Gowda, co-founder of Nasscom's IP4Biz program, said the industry body had made some progress, but he believes it will be several years before the attitudes of Indian CIOs can be changed. "In India, to sell to your neighbor, you have to go through the United States," said Gowda, who previously sold his IT security startup to BlueCoat Networks.

New HIPAA Rule Has a Short Compliance Deadline and Lots to Do
The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, which administers and enforces the HIPAA/HITECH rules affecting privacy and security, not only made business associates liable for the security rule safeguards for PHI (which the HITECH Act required), but also extended the definition of "business associate" — and the liability — to subcontractors all the way down the business chain.

Creating Custom Tooltips with jQuery UI
While native tooltips are perfect for quick textual tips, their behavior and appearance can’t be customized, and this means that they don’t scale well to the complex requirements of modern Web applications. The 1.9 release of jQuery UI includes a new tooltip widget that’s intended to be an accessible, customizable and themeable replacement for the native tooltips provided by the browser.

Is Virtualization Stalled On Performance?
IT architectures that blindly optimize for maximum utilization, and subsequently make it hard to figure out who is really doing what, are unsuitable for hosting performance-sensitive applications -- which is to say, most mission-critical applications. But the situation is not hopeless. There are solutions in the marketplace today that aim to help IT with performance-focused management in dynamic IT infrastructures.

Public Cloud Backup: Is It Right for Your Enterprise?
So far, only 15 percent of its capacity is being used for backup and recovery, according to Steve Erdman, Acronis senior VP and general manager for global business development. "It's still a low percentage of capacity," Erdman says. "We work with our customers to get them over the natural hesitation, but it's not an exploding market yet." Steve Fairbanks, data management VP at CA Technologies -- ­which has added support for AWS and Microsoft Windows Azure to its popular ARCserve software -- agrees. "We're seeing an uptick, but it has been slower than we had expected," Fairbanks says.

Difference Engine: Hackers' paradise
In a sense, though, the victims of such attacks have only themselves to blame. Many organisations have a false sense of security, complacency even, as a result of having invested heavily in security tools in the past. Yet “non-agile” defences like passwords, firewalls and antivirus software, as well as intrusion-detection and prevention systems have become less than effective now attackers have started using encryption and other tricks to evade them, notes Deloitte & Touche, a management consultancy.

Artificial intelligence: Job killer or your next boss?
The power of man and machine working in unison was at the heart of a speech about intelligence augmentation by Ari Gesher, engineering ambassador with Palantir Technologies, at the recent Economist Technology Frontiers 2013 conference in London. "The idea is to have a very well defined division of labour between the computing machines and the humans," he said, spelling out the complementary skills of men and computers.

Don't let consumerization be the free lunch that eats you
There's a pretty good chance that replacing what you have with cloud-based alternatives would end up costing you more. ... Here's one valid reason to move to the cloud; astonishingly enough, various industry pundits got it right. Sorta -- they got it right in the sense that someone who bought a great horse but put the saddle on backward got it right. It's consumerization.

RegEx Lab.NET
Regex Lab .NET is a full-featured application for editing regular expressions. The application features a modern, highly functional UI allowing increased productivity when writing or debugging regular expression patterns. Features include: Supports all regex operations: matches, replacements and splits; Detailed match analysis with group breakdown; Syntax-highlighted editor with unlimited undo-redo buffer; Live highlighting of matches as text is typed and more.

Quote for the day:

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure." -- Mark Twain

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