March 08, 2013

For credit card handlers, cloud computing guidelines just got clearer
If a client moves a regulated function to the cloud and later falls out of compliance due to a shortcoming on the cloud vendor's part, the client remains accountable. So it's essential to have as much clarity on these issues as possible. Recognizing this challenge with regards to the handling of credit card data, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has recently issued guidance on how to apply PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) in the cloud.

Spectralink Tackles Nurse Workplace Safety with New Wireless Solution
“It is surprising to many people that the healthcare field can be a dangerous work environment,” said Spectralink vice president of marketing and product management, Mike Lanciloti. This is much of the reason why solutions like the Spectralink Staff Safety Solution were not developed until recently. ... The Spectralink Staff Safety Solution is designed to integrate easily with other complementary nurse applications

IT Risk Management: Managing the Problem
In this video, Dr. Ron Ross, NIST Fellow delivers a closing keynote on the subject. ... The RMF changes the traditional focus of cybersecurity as a static, procedural activity to a more dynamic approach that provides the capability to more effectively manage information system-related security risks in highly diverse environments of complex and sophisticated cyber threats, ever-increasing system vulnerabilities, and rapidly changing missions.

Fiddle with Javascript - JSFiddle
This cool workbench is a very useful tool for web developers to build HTML, CSS and Javascript based web content. It also has references to the popular Javascript frameworks and extensions.

WebKit and the Render Wars
Adopting WebKit would allow Microsoft to contribute code to the project, thus wielding greater influence in the HTML 5 conversation. It would also keep Microsoft ecosystem developers more in the Web mainstream. And even if Microsoft continued to maintain Trident, it could do so with a more informed sense of HTML 5 compliance.

Spring for Apache Hadoop Goes Live
The list of Spring Apache Hadoop capabilities also includes: declarative configuration support for HBase; dedicated Spring Batch support for developing workflow solutions that incorporate HDFS operations and "all types of Hadoop jobs;" support for the use with Spring Integration "that provides easy access to a wide range of existing systems using an extensible event-driven pipes and filters architecture;"

Aligning a cloud computing project with your enterprise mission
Companies adopting a cloud model make the mistake of opting for a vendor with the lowest price for their chosen type of cloud service. This is a big mistake; an enterprise needs to align its mission with the best cloud service provider, taking into account three aspects of the provider's offering: software, application availability and data requirements. The following are three questions related to these aspects that all enterprises should ask before choosing a cloud service or provider.

Intel touts multiscreen flexibility with 'display as a service'
The technology breaks the hard link between a video source and a screen the way virtualization software breaks the hard link between an operating system and a processor. With DAAS, people can view what's on their tablet on a big-screen TV, mirror the same imagery on multiple displays, or link up multiple displays to create a single, bigger display.

The CIO Toolkit for optimizing IT procurement
Our experience in the acquisition of IT products and services has demonstrated that, with a focused strategic plan and a close partnership with the procurement organization, CIOs can usually uncover significant savings opportunities and use smarter tactics to get the most from newly deployed IT dollars. Some of the ideas outlined below target potential low-hanging fruit;

Does ‘Big Data’ Mean the Demise of the Expert — And Intuition?
The subject-area expert, the substantive specialist, will lose some of his or her luster compared with the statistician and data analyst, who are unfettered by the old ways of doing things and let the data speak. This new cadre will rely on correlations without prejudgments and prejudice. To be sure, subject-area experts won’t die out, but their supremacy will ebb. From now on, they must share the podium with the big-data geeks, just as princely causation must share the limelight with humble correlation.

Quote for the day:

"The pessimist borrows trouble; the optimist lends encouragement." -- William Arthur Ward

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