March 30, 2013

IT Concerns About Targeted Malware Rising
"The whole thing with targeted malware is that targeted threats are aimed at you," says Goddess. "They are the most difficult to defend against because it's like a virus that only affects you. And the attackers are not stopping. They'll persist until they get in whether it takes months or years. Antivirus isn't going to work because people haven't seen the signatures before."

Building a Web Security Architecture – Deciding on the right form factor
The solution you choose should align to your business objectives. Beyond risk mitigation, you may need to support your business’ expansion; perhaps you are opening up new offices to accommodate your rapid growth or have to quickly absorb new offices coming into your network as the result of mergers and acquisitions. It may be that you are being asked to drive operational efficiencies; perhaps you need to consolidate IT resources, standardize your architecture or support virtualization and cloud initiatives.

Does completing a PCI compliance checklist ensure security?
The PCI DSS is not without value, but, ultimately, it is insufficient on its own to act as a basis for an effective software security program. One notable aspect of the PCI DSS is that it was the first major commercial standard to mandate specific application security measures. This had great potential to help organizations improve the security of the software they were producing and deploying, but, in practice, the PCI compliance checklist is pretty limited in its scope.

Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS
Villinger found mention of something called "BaseFS" buried in the Windows Blue code. This doesn't seem to be a new name for ReFS, the new file system for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Instead, according to one of my contacts, BaseFS is more of an internal concept that has to do with shared functionality between the different file systems

Top 10 consumerization definitions IT pros should know
It's important for IT professionals to stay ahead in this rapidly changing technological world. This list counts down our top tech terms related to the consumerization of IT, and explains how they affect IT. The rankings are based on our most popular terms, and the 10 definitions that made the cut say a lot about where IT has come from, where it is now and where it's headed.

Expert Advice on Co-Working Spaces for Small Businesses
Before you start a co-working space, it’s a good idea to build a community of people who would be the potential users. You can do this without even having a physical location. You can host a “jelly” — a regular meet-up of freelancers in a location such as a library or cafe. You can host other meetings in the evenings. This way you’ll get to know how much demand there is for your idea.

'Team mobile' takes shape
Mobile applications emerging today are true enterprise applications, in that they connect to key company databases and legacy systems, Murphy said. "You have to have an understanding of the back end in order to develop the front end that users see on their mobile devices." Early mobile apps didn't require that skill set, added Nathan Clevenger, chief technology officer for iFactr Inc., a St. Paul, Minn.-based firm that sells mobile tools for Microsoft developers.

Disruptive digital cliques
The core of successes in achieving enduring success with modern digital tools to enhance and simplify business performance is fundamentally about people, not the technology. Alarmingly large numbers of people have no clear idea of how they are expected to use powerful technologies at work and the result is typically very inefficient, with information and collaboration silos being spun up to suit cliques.

John Maeda on creative leadership
Innovating something, be it a stand alone product or a massively interconnected system, involves many more days of getting to the peak than it does scaling the peak. This is because there are so many pitfalls along the way -- so it always feels like you're climbing something. ... It can't be helped; if you're innovating, by definition you're venturing out through the dark unknown, so of course you'll stumble and fall and have to pick yourself up.

Capturing Compliance Requirements: A Pattern-Based Approach
We can considerably reduce the errors and omissions generated in expensive manual process inspections by partially or fully automating assurance tasks, thereby lowering compliance assurance’s overall cost. The degree of this automation is contingent on the ability to capture and formalize compliance requirements. Unfortunately, using formal languages to capture compliance requirements is diffi cult for business users who are unskilled or inexperienced with such languages.

Quote for the day:

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." -- Frank Clark

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