March 10, 2013

Skill Up to New Trends in IT
"Customers expect one person to play multiple roles in the project, and this requires multiple skills," comments Deepak Jain, senior vice president and global head, workforce planning and development, Wipro Technologies. "For eg, the project manager is also expected to technically guide the design team. A test engineer is also expected to think like a developer, and vice versa.

Yahoo Wants Bigger Slice of Tech Pie, Less Emphasis on Media Products
The company said Friday most of the products it is dumping will either shut down April 1 or not be supported after that date. Yahoo said in a blog post that affected products include Yahoo Avatars, Yahoo app for BlackBerry, Yahoo Clues (beta), Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Message Boards Website, and Yahoo Updates API.

A Myth That Thwarts Leadership
It is particularly strong when you have highly technical people who pride themselves on their knowledge and skill in their craft. Sometimes promotions are granted as a way to reward them financially even though these individuals often have no interest in managing or leading. Yet if you listen closely you will discover that lack of interest in managing or leading is only part of the story.

Platfora and the Foundation of Business Intelligence for Big Data
The challenge with traditional architectures, Platfora argues, is that they organize data in a predetermined manner, but today’s big data analytics environment dictates that organizations cannot determine in advance what they will need to explore in the future. If a user gets to a level of analysis that is not part of the current schema, someone in the organization must undertake a herculean effort to recreate the entire data model.

Huawei Leans on SAP to Give Enterprise Push a Boost
The direct benefit is that Huawei can now sell systems in an important growth area of the market, according to Gartner research director Adrian O'Connell. There are also indirect benefits in terms of raising the profile of Huawei as a server vendor, both for users and other technology partners, increasing the credibility of the technology capabilities of its offerings, he said via email.

China's next-generation internet is a world-beater
THE net is getting creaky and old: it is rapidly running out of space and remains fundamentally insecure. And it turns out China is streets ahead of the West in doing anything about it. A report published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society last week details China's advances in creating a next-generation internet that is on a national level and on a larger scale than anything in the West.

Snapshot of Business Pulse
A recent Ernst and Young report, Business Pulse, provides fresh insight into the top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond. It explores a range of thoughts and views and gives recommendations for those who want to start preparing and planning now for what lies ahead.

Big Data Plumbing Problems Hinder Cloud Computing
The plumbing problem arises because of the rate at which data is being created and stored. The digital universe will approximately double every two years, or 41% per year,2and it is rising significantly faster than the bandwidth of network connections. In 2012, there was just 11% growth in wired speeds, compared to an average connection rate of 2.8 Mbits/s.1 The growth of connections isn’t keeping up with the growth in data. That’s the plumbing problem.

Growing EAI with Apache Camel
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides us with all the knowledge, technology and best practices to build extensible, maintainable and capable integration solutions in a productive fashion. However, most integration solutions place us in a dilemma: while they are full of features and can be quite productive for large projects and a demanding environment, they also require big investments up front when it comes to learning the system, deploying it and maintaining it.

Exclusive Interview with Leadership Guru Author John Baldoni
In 2012, Leadership Gurus International ranked John Baldoni in its top 10 global leadership gurus. His increasingly relevant book, Lead with Purpose, featuring illuminating stories, interviews, and profiles of leaders from a variety of fields, shows readers how to take their organizations to the next level with renewed focus and improved direction. What does this bestselling business guru author have to say about Lead with Purpose, which builds on the foundation laid out in his groundbreaking title, Lead Your Boss?

Quote for the day:

"It's not enough to know that a threat is coming. You need to know whether it's coming right for you" -- Maxwell Wessel and Clayton M. Christensen

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