March 21, 2013

The Perfect (Data) Storm: Moving from Automation to Leverage
We are now reaching the limits of automation-based benefits and will increasingly look to data leverage as the new source of these benefits. Data, of course, plays a huge role in both of these concepts and advantageous data management correspondingly becomes a necessary but insufficient precondition to success. Information architecture patterns such as Master Data Management (MDM) provide "how’s" that correspond to business objective "wants".

The CIO role in cybersecurity: Advice from a former White House CIO
As cybercriminals take on bigger, more high-profile targets, businesses are beginning to pay much closer attention to issues of security. They are and will be looking to the CIO and IT for answers. How can CIOs best prepare for these boardroom conversations? Former White House CIO Theresa Payton, now CEO at Fortalice LLC, a cybersecurity solutions company based in Charlotte, N.C., sat down with to share some advice. First up: Stop doing what you're doing.

DoD security panel calls for new cyber-defense, offense
The task force recommended that the Department of Defense (DoD) take the lead by building "an effective response" to cyberattacks that would harden public and private IT systems from attack. It called for development of a "ladder of capabilities" to defend against known vulnerabilities -- up to and including a nuclear option -- as part of an American response.

Characters Wanted: Fostering Varied Project Management Teams
Newsflash: there is no known cure for the human personality. Thankfully. we are complicated, confounding and wonderfully different people. The team or project leader’s responsibility is not to find a way to squash the variance in personalities, but rather to foster the right environment for people who are different, to come together and perform. Here are a few key mistakes to avoid as you seek to align your collection of challenging personalities around your project and pursue great performance.

Enterprise software and the curse of vendor sameness
A revolving door of personnel across the major vendors makes this copying almost unavoidable: executives often leave one vendor for another, sometimes even returning to the original company. All of which creates homogeneity in marketing messages, product positioning, and use of language across the enterprise software industry.

FAQ: Inside Microsoft's cloud ERP strategy
"Our target is to be the best provider at volume, at scale," he said. Some hosting partners have specialized offerings, such as for local legal requirements, a higher service-level agreement, or extensive hands-on support; Microsoft won't try to supplant them with Azure, he said. "That's where the partner hosts have a long-term model." "We have some partners that host today, but there's nothing really special about it," Ehrenberg added. "We expect most of them to transition [to Azure]."

A Quick Guide for Building KPI Dashboards: Part 2
The second part of this quick guide to dashboard construction will focus on the meat of dashboard creation: filling it with meaningful information that will make your data much easier to understand and spot trends from. Like the previous part, this guide will divide the process of filling your dashboard with meaningful information into three more easy steps, so that you can get on with creating your own brilliant KPI dashboards in no time!

Computer Networks in South Korea Are Paralyzed in Cyberattacks
The Korea Communications Commission said Thursday that the disruption originated at an Internet provider address in China but that it was still not known who was responsible. Many analysts in Seoul suspect that North Korean hackers honed their skills in China and were operating there. At a hacking conference here last year, Michael Sutton, the head of threat research at Zscaler, a security company, said a handful of hackers from China “were clearly very skilled, knowledgeable and were in touch with their counterparts and familiar with the scene in North Korea.”

DBTool for Oracle - Part 1
DBTool allows you to browse the contents of an Oracle database, but it's certainly not a replacement for PL/SQL Developer and other similar packages. You can also execute queries against the database. The primary purpose of DBTool is to generate code for a multi layered data access framework. DBTool is in itself an example of how to use the generated code, since it is implemented using Reader classes generated from various views in the SYS schema.

Cisco Inadvertently Weakens Password Encryption in its IOS Operating System
The new encryption algorithm is called Type 4 and was supposed to increase the resiliency of encrypted passwords against brute-force attacks. "The Type 4 algorithm was designed to be a stronger alternative to the existing Type 5 and Type 7 algorithms," Cisco said Monday in a security response document published on its website.

Quote for the day:

"The hard part is implementing the decision, not making it." -- Guy Kawasaki

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