March 04, 2013

A Cloud-Based Testing Tool for the Budget-Minded
The testing tool is aimed at small and growing QA teams looking to escape the heavy lifting and expense required from enterprise-focused systems such as HP Quality Center. Its vendor claims qTest is on par with large enterprise systems, yet unlike those heavyweights the platform's SaaS subscription model makes it a low-risk proposition to pilot and adopt.

Touchless touch screen gives you control without contact (video)
One of the more jaw-dropping tech demos on view at this year's Mobile World Congress, new touch-screen technology from chipmaker STMicroelectronics lets you control your smartphone or tablet without actually touching the display. Using it, you can swipe, drag, and prod at your touch-screen device, replacing the fear of fingerprints with the feeling of controlling a spaceship's navigation system.

Hackers take Sabah conflict to cyberspace
According to GMA News Online on Sunday, one Philippine Web site and several Malaysian ones were hacked and defaced with messages sympathizing with either side of the armed conflict. The territorial dispute started on February 11, 2013 when followers of Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III asserted his claim over eastern parts of Sabah. The claims take root from the North Borneo dispute, when Sabah state was known as North Borneo prior to the formation of the Malaysian federation in 1963.

Yahoo bans telecommuting – Will it WORK?
"So it was perplexing to see Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer tell employees who work remotely to relocate to company facilities. This seems a backwards step in an age when remote working is easier and more effective than ever. If you provide the right technology to keep in touch, maintain regular communication and get the right balance between remote and office working, people will be motivated to work responsibly, quickly and with high quality.

Dyson on patents and intellectual property
Sitting down with CNET Australia, Sir James Dyson shares his strongly held views on the importance of patents and intellectual property rights. From the ease with which Asian manufacturers can copy his designs, to the lenience of penalties, Sir James Dyson suggests that there is real damage to innovation when others get away with copying the hard work of companies like Dyson.

Tips for Enterprise Application Integration
A very common problem for large companies (particularly in the financial sector) is the existence of several independent IT departments with different goals and poor interaction. Companies receive a set of “automation islands” that cannot easily communicate inside or outside the organization. Let’s look at the widespread ways that companies use to integrate applications and their potential problems.

Local, vertical laws critical in SaaS adoption
Danni Xu, Asia-Pacific research analyst for data center and cloud computing of ICT practice at Frost & Sullivan, said local regulation on data has seen increasing significance across the region with several governments taking "meaningful steps" to adopt the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Coverage and enforcement, though, vary from country to country, she said. For example, Xu noted that Singapore passed the personal data protection bill in October last year with enforcement slated to begin mid-2014.

Microsoft Starts Sending Cutoff Notices to Office 365 Preview Users
At the time, Microsoft said that the previews would expire about 60 days after the release of the final plans in each market. Microsoft launched Office 365 Home Premium in the U.S. on Jan. 29, 2013, and followed with the business-oriented plans on Feb. 27. The March 16 cut-off noted in Microsoft's email would be 47 days after the Jan. 29 launch of Home Premium, or about two weeks shy of the 60 days Microsoft previously cited.

With Business Foundations Shaking, Good Enterprise Architects Are Hard to Find
Business leaders are scrambling to take their organizations deeper into the cloud, leverage the growing amount of data about their customers, and protect their companies from new security threats. Enterprise architects are usually their first call when it comes to bringing order to IT business process chaos, but EAs are also having to adapt to the very same trends impacting corporations.

What is a PC now?
The question "What is a PC?" has been bemusing analysts and industry observers since long before the introduction of the iPad -- but especially since. The answer is not so simple. In some ways, it's a question of mere rhetoric. But when it comes to analyzing markets and companies, it becomes a lot more than that. Tablets and smartphones have been cutting into PC sales for years. That's because for many people, the newer gadgets do everything they had previously counted on PCs -- including laptops -- for: email, Web browsing, watching video.

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"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." -- Mark Twain

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