March 31, 2013

Next hurdle for mobile lifecycle teams: User experience skills
Commercial mobile developers generally understand the importance of getting that experience right. But for most enterprise development teams, it's a whole new ball game. Mobile ALM teams typically lack user experience (UX) skills, said Rege. "It's rare for [enterprise software teams] to have UX experts on staff. Until now, the user experience role didn't exist."

Critical denial-of-service flaw in BIND software puts DNS servers at risk
The flaw stems from the way regular expressions are processed by the libdns library that's part of the BIND software distribution. BIND versions 9.7.x, 9.8.0 up to 9.8.5b1 and 9.9.0 up to 9.9.3b1 for UNIX-like systems are vulnerable, according to a security advisory published Tuesday by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), a nonprofit corporation that develops and maintains the software. The Windows versions of BIND are not affected

Risk management strategy must be in place before moving data to the cloud
Any migration of company data to the cloud should be preceded by a thorough assessment of the nature of the data, including the relative impact a loss or theft of that data would have on internal operations, business partnerships and client/customer relations, plus the capabilities, security protocols and interdependencies of potential cloud service providers, the experts said last week during a panel discussion at Business Insurance's 2013 Risk Management Summit in New York.

Renesas Hopes to Put Powerful ARM Processor in Cars
The system-on-a-chip will be able to handle four streams of 1080p video, including Blu-Ray support at 60 frames per second, image and voice recognition and high-resolution 3D graphics with almost no CPU load, according to Renesas. The graphics performance is helped by the use of Imagination Technologies' PowerVR Series6 G6400 GPU.

10 portable battery chargers keep your device powered
Who among us hasn’t found ourselves silently cursing smartphone developers when our batteries run out of juice just when we need them most? These small but powerful portable battery chargers can help you out in a pinch; some can even charge your tablet, too. Just throw one of these handy little gadgets in your bag or pocket and you'll never find yourself without a power source when you are on the go. Arranged from largest capacity to lowest, here are 10 mobile battery chargers that can help keep you in power.

Malware-Detecting 'Sandboxing' Technology No Silver Bullet
The security technology called "sandboxing" aims at detecting malware code by subjecting it to run in a computer-based system of one type of another to analyze it for behavior and traits indicative of malware. Sandboxing -- one alternative to traditional signature-based malware defense -- is seen as a way to spot zero-day malware and stealthy attacks in particular. While this technique often effective, it's hardly foolproof, warns a security researcher who helped establish the sandboxing technology used by startup Lastline.

Software Complexity - an IT Risk perspective
Complexity as the above definition goes, requires more resources to be expended than normal and thus is counter productive. We have numerous best practices, standards and frameworks that advocate for eliminating complexity, but somehow it creeps in and pose as a challenge in most cases. The consequence of software complexity as we have put it above clearly is risk, and it could be even be a business risk, when we look at it in the end user perspective.

High Performance Messaging for Web-Based Trading Systems
This presentation by Frank D. Greco, Director of Technology for Kaazing Corporation will investigate WebSocket and how trading systems can be designed to leverage this new web protocol for reliability, security and performance for desktop, mobile, datacenter and cloud environments.

Pentaho Instaview Templates Improves Big Data Access And Analysis
To accelerate the big data analytics cycle, Pentaho Corporation has new templates for its Instaview big data discovery application. These new templates analyses big data in 3 easy steps and enable data analysts and IT professionals to discover, visualize and explore large volumes of diverse data.

Emerging Expectations of a CIO
CIO’s are witnessing significant change. Gone are the days of simply keeping IT running efficiently, reducing costs and mitigating risks. Today’s CIOs must also balance a broader role on the executive team and new responsibilities that directly influence business strategy. Carl Wilson, former Marriott CIO and executive consultant, and Craig Ledo, Director of Product Marketing, FrontRange discusses emerging expectations of a CIO and how to leverage IT to meet business demands

Quote for the day:

"Truly successful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking." --Malcolm Gladwell

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