March 19, 2013

Measuring the ROI of Governance, Risk and Compliance 
Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions enable organizations to manage risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise, helping to reduce loss, improve decision-making about resource allocation, and optimize business performance. ... In this webcast, Nucleus Research will present a Return on Investment model based on the usage of software to centralize the management and identification of enterprise GRC initiatives such as operational risk, financial risk, and IT governance.

Use open source software - it makes things better, says UK
"Use open-source software in preference to proprietary or closed-source alternatives, in particular for operating systems, networking software, web servers, databases and programming languages," says the section for service managers, entitled When to use open source. The UK government has discussed increasing its use of open source since October 2004, when a study of its open-source software trials concluded that computers running Linux generated substantial long-term software and hardware savings.

Zombie Explorer : A N-Tier application from top to bottom
In this award winning article Sacha Barber narrates good and bad things of working with WCF/WPF, some of the bad things being: Ridiculous amount of methods on a service, which become quite unmaintainable quite quickly; Everything is its own service, where you have about 30 WCF services all trying to call each other. Nightmare man; Bad seperation of concerns, where the dependency graph is all screwed up, and your UI inadvertently ends up knowing way to much as it is forced to reference things it has no business knowing about

7 Reasons Why Scrum Fails
Quite often software development projects are set up to execute work using agile methodology, like Scrum, but not setting things up in the right fashion often leads to chaos. Although there is ample information on Scrum (and it’s not exactly rocket science), there are cases where projects have been paralyzed. This article discusses common reasons for such failures and how to avoid them.

The Evolving Role Of Business Architecture
As Brian Hopkins put it – they suffer the common IT problem of “doing it to the business” not “with the business.” Gordon Barnett and I are concerned that as much as 75% of the clients we’ve met had a fear of going to the business to discuss issues – they didn’t see that co-developing capability maps could really help them in engaging their colleagues. They were creating capability maps and present them, often without any real business context. It’s not that business folks don’t see the value in capability maps; it’s that to be relevant, business capability maps have to help solve a problem (that they care about). The two key takeaways:

Internal-use SSL certificates pose security risk for upcoming domain extensions
The advisory was finalized by ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) last week and warns that existing SSL certificates which have been issued for non-public domain names like those used to identify servers inside private networks, could be used to hijack HTTPS traffic for real domain names as new gTLDs become operational. ICANN oversees the Internet's top-level domain name space.

Welcome to Platform 3.0
Over the past few years, we have witnessed the birth, evolution and use of a number of such changes, each of which has the potential to fundamentally change the way we engage with one another. These include: Mobile, Social (both Social Networks and Social Enterprise), Big Data, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing as well as devices and application architectures. Now however, these once disparate forces are converging – united by the growing Consumerization of Technology and the resulting evolution in user behavior – to create new business models and system designs.

World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise
The concept of “agile” has recently come to the fore, typically in connection with technical activities, such as software development. Subsequently, the agile approach has been extended and applied to, for example, solution architecture activities. However, we suggest that agile is in fact a way of working, a mindset. It applies to more than just software development, or architecture, or any other one area of activity. The real benefit comes from applying an end-to-end agile delivery approach throughout the enterprise.

McGraw: Mobile app security issues demand trustworthy computing
McGraw, noted application security expert and chief technology officer of Cigital Inc., said improving the many mobile app security issues enterprises face today involves applying the same trustworthy computing philosophies that have helped improve desktop computer security. In this video, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, McGraw explains his "trusted on busted" concept and the three biggest fundamental issues affecting enterprise mobile security, his ambivalence on the use of enterprise app stores and his analysis of today's Java security issues.

Losing your Google Reader? Try Tiny Tiny RSS instead
Installing TT is not difficult at all. You just need any Web hosting account with PHP support and access to one MySql or PostGreSql database. Sure, if it is the first time that you try something similar you’ll likely need more than ten minutes, but between the official installation instructions and the extra explanations below you shouldn’t have any problem.

Quote for the day:

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching." -- Satchel Paige

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