March 14, 2013

How cloud computing, tablets will reshape the desktop
There are a number of advantages to deploying virtual desktops. First, users can access applications and data on their desktops from a variety of devices, including tablets. Second, in the case of VDI, user data resides in a company data center, and in the case of DaaS, data resides in a cloud provider's data center. This frees up on-premises storage space and ultimately saves enterprises money. And finally, users are not dependent on mobile-designed applications for tasks that are best done with full desktop applications.

Managing Software Risk
On March 14th at 11am EST, please join Dr. Bill Curtis, the Director of CISQ, and Chris Dressler, VP Technology Architecture, Cablevision for a webinar presentation about managing IT software development and maintenance by using metrics. Chris will cover some of the software risk drivers in the IT industry today, how business treats software risk and what types of measurement frameworks are used to manage risk today.

To Be Agile, Beware the Comforts of Ritual
Any task or process, big or small, can become a ritual. When we were doing eXtreme Programming, we eventually realized that pre-iteration planning and iteration planning had become rituals. We were doing them because the process said to do them. We learned about Kanban, which allowed us to jettison these rituals and the overhead associated with them.

Making innovation second nature
The only way to gain deep and capable skills for innovation is to practice and develop the expertise and muscle memory to make innovation seem more innate. Sometimes when we are asked why innovation seems so natural an activity to us as consultants, we can easily answer: because we do it so regularly it becomes almost second nature.

PayPal Acquires Mobile App Development Studio Duff Research
As PayPal CTO James Barrese wrote in a blog post today: ... As PayPal continues to be a leader in mobile payments, we are looking for talented engineers with proven mobile experience to help us imagine, develop and deliver products our customers love. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Duff Research – a group of award-winning mobile app developers – has been acquired by PayPal. This talented team of engineers will be joining the PayPal technology team to help us build creative and simple ways for our customers to use the PayPal digital wallet.

Demand for IT Security Experts Outstrips Supply
Demand for security professionals is growing at almost four times the pace of other roles in IT, and has consistently outstripped the supply of experts, according to new report. During the past five years, the number of job postings for IT security positions went up 73%, according to a study conducted by Burning Glass Technologies, which develops job-search and resume-parsing software. By contrast, the study showed that job postings for general IT positions went up just 20% in the same time period.

Top 10 consumerization definitions IT pros should know
This list counts down our top tech terms related to the consumerization of IT, and explains how they affect IT. The rankings are based on our most popular terms, and the 10 definitions that made the cut say a lot about where IT has come from, where it is now and where it's headed.

Java's security problems unlikely to be resolved soon, researchers say
"It's difficult to say what has been going on internally at Oracle for the past years, but based on an external impression I feel they could have reacted sooner," said Carsten Eiram, chief research officer at consulting firm Risk Based Security, via email. "I'm not sure Oracle really took the predictions of Java being the next major target seriously."

Beyond the BPM Culture Wars
Fragmentation and categorization is not always a bad thing, since it can help software buyers and decision makers better understand which solutions best match their business requirements and desired business outcomes. However, the fragmentation in BPM sometimes overlooks the primary purpose and value proposition of BPM – to help support creating a sustainable business change program.

Failed update to blame for outage of Microsoft cloud services
The failed firmware update occurred in one of Microsoft's datacenters, in a "core part" of its physical plant, subsequently leading to a "substantial temperature spike in the datacenter". The heat was "significant enough" causing the "safeguards to come in to place for a large number of servers in this part of the datacenter". In that area of the datacenter Microsoft houses "parts of the,, and SkyDrive infrastructure".

Quote for the day:

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress." -- Frederick Douglass

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