March 03, 2013

IT security managers too focused on compliance, experts say
Experts say that meeting such standards is important, but they should be used as baseline controls in a broader IT security strategy. "The audit industry has become a monster," said Anup Ghosh, founder of security firm Invincea. "Keeping those guys at bay" has become a full-time job in many IT security organizations, he said. "A lot of compliance regimens have been all about checking boxes and following processes."

'Copyright Alert System' rolls out to catch illegal downloaders
While the CAS seems like something that would raise the hackles of privacy and civil liberty groups, the plan isn't to arrest, sue, or fine people downloading illegal movies, games, or music. Instead, the group managing the program -- the Center for Copyright Information -- says its objective is to "educate" such downloaders that they are infringing on protected intellectual copyrights.

1183RA Week of Activity Underscores Challenge of Valuing Data
The consensus of Saugatuck’s discussions this week with provider and user enterprise executives is that the majority of provider activity consists of positioning themselves for future, expected opportunities; and the majority of user enterprise activity consists of interest, searches for knowledge, trials and PoCs. The most interest expressed is in the concept of data analytics, especially Big Data, rather than in the details of how it will work or benefit the enterprise customer.

Are you on the right cloud computing career path?
There is an explosion in both the use of cloud computing and the demand for people to assist in the mass migration to cloud. Indeed, there are about 50 to 70 jobs chasing truly qualified candidates at this point in time, according to technical recruiters. And there are two categories of cloud computing careers that seem to be emerging in the space: positions seeking IT pros with specific cloud skills and positions looking for IT admins with cloud architecture know-how.

Secret Weapon: How to Strengthen the Most Valuable Job Skill
An extensive analysis led at Virginia Commonwealth University, “The Relation Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance: A Meta-Analysis,” showed that individuals with high EI made better workers. For managers or senior executives, high EI usually corresponds with a good job performance. For employees, it often leads to better decision-making abilities, job satisfaction and completion of goals. Managers who lack a good EI usually find great difficulty in social interactions and the nurturing of professional relationships.

Pets now welcome in many workplaces
It’s a growing office trend, as both employer and employees acknowledge the advantages and enjoy the benefits of allowing pets in the workplace. And now there’s research to support what people like 26-year-old Ann Marie DeLa Rosa have known for years. “Reduces stress,” said DeLa Rosa, 26, who works at software design company Inverse-Square under Baird and appreciates the pet-friendly policy. “When I’m stressed, I usually call Zoe (a chocolate Labrador retriever) over and rub her ear. That’s my therapy.”

Entity Framework 6 Alpha 3 with Code First Stored Procedures and Connection Resiliency
Microsoft has announced the availability of Entity Framework 6 Alpha 3 with support for code first mapping to insert, update, delete stored procedures with the help of fluent API, connection resiliency, pull request from iceclow, UnaiZorrilla and new DbContext API scenarios that enables you to manage your own transactions.

Refactoring Legacy Applications: A Case Study
Legacy code is stinky. Every decent developer would like to refactor it, and in order to refactor it, one ideally should have a suite of unit test cases to prevent regressions. However, writing unit tests for legacy code is not easy; the legacy code is usually a big mess. To write effective unit tests against the legacy code, you probably need to refactor it first; and to refactor it, you need unit tests to ensure you are not breaking anything. So it is a chicken and egg situation. This article describes a methodology to safely refactor legacy code by sharing a real case I once worked on.

Here’s a Quick Way to Fire Up Your Motivation
Surely all the benefit of a backup plan accrues when the main plan goes wrong and there's something to fall back on? While coming up with a 'plan b' might be necessary, I always thought of it more as a chore. (Ho-hum now I've made my main plan, instead of getting started, I've got to spend more time thinking about an alternative plan). But when you start to think about it, backup plans don't just make sense as, well, backup plans, but also as a means of driving you forward at the precarious early stages of a project.

Evernote note-sharing service says hackers stole some user data
Evernote spokeswoman Ronda Scott said via email on Saturday that the attack "follows a similar pattern" to other cyber attacks on Internet-based companies in recent weeks, but she did not elaborate. "In our security investigation, we have found no evidence that any of the content you store in Evernote was accessed, changed or lost," the company said on its website. "We also have no evidence that any payment information for Evernote Premium or Evernote Business customers was accessed."

Quote for the day:

"Pay no attention to what the critics say; there has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic." -- Jean Sibelius

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