March 18, 2013

A Guide for BI Marketers: The Landscape for BI Tools and How to Dominate It
Organizations don't need to purchase nine different tools from nine different vendors. Some large vendors offer suites of BI tools that span multiple technologies. Thus, it is possible for a company to standardize on a single BI vendor whose toolset encompasses all nine technology categories. But this may not be the best strategy since an "all-in-one" solution does not necessarily deliver "best of breed" products.

Big data analytics can help gamemakers be 'next Angry Birds'
The Sogamo platform--which stands for social games analytics, monetization and optimization--is targeted mainly at both social and mobile games, including those created by independent app developers, Li said in an interview. Games form the bulk of the most popular apps at app stores, and social game developers are also moving from Facebook to the mobile space, he added.

The immutability paradigm – or: how to add the “fourth dimension” to our data
Nathan Marz tells us to have a base layer of incoming data. Nothing here gets updated or changed. New records are just attached. From such an immutable data source, we can reconstruct the state of our data set at any given point of time in the past; even if someone messes with the database, we could roll back without the need to reset everything. This rather unstructured worm is of course not fit to get access to information with low latency.

Samsung plans high-end Tizen OS phone
During the New York unveiling, analysts noticed that Samsung barely mentioned that the Galaxy S4 runs on Android. Some speculated that Samsung was setting the stage for greater use of Tizen as an OS. In a Bloomberg news service interview from Seoul, Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung mobile, said the Tizen smartphone "will be in the high-end category" and "the best product equipped with best specifications."

Windows Blue could give Microsoft's tablet strategy a much needed boost
The reason is that the Windows 8 app ecosystem is starting to finally grow, which would make a clamshell like this much more acceptable to the low end consumer market. And of course, it would be able to runs the tens of thousands Windows applications already on the market.The low end of the market is not a place every OEM is positioned to succeed in, but it is unfortunately the road it looks like Microsoft needs to go down.

Why Consumers Should Care about LTE
LTE’s faster upload and download speed, in turn, will give application developers more options for creating better user experiences on mobile for gaming, banking, socializing, shopping, watching videos and more via the Web or apps. So, in the future when you use mobile banking, you’ll be able to have a live video chat with an advisor about which loan is best for you, or doctors will be able to use telepresence on their mobile to provide consultation to patients anywhere on the globe.

Debunking the Top 10 I.T. Usability Myths
There are a number of common misconceptions as to why the problem persists, according to Nancy Staggers, RN, a professor of Informatics at the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing, and Lorraine Chapman, Director of Use Experience Research at Macadamian Technologies, a user experience design and software development firm that does work in the health care field. But if the IT community is going to solve its usability issues, it must first acknowledge, and then dispel, these wrongly held beliefs.

A Visual History of Linux
Linux started out life as a Minix clone built as a hobby by some guy over in Europe. (OK, it wasn't exactly a Minix clone. But it was built by a guy. And he was in Europe.) Since then, Linux has had a lot of different looks. Let's take a look over a few of the most interesting. Enjoy this slideshow visually narrating the Linux History

Next Steps In Data Center Security
When IT security is a focal point of the State of the Union address, as it was in President Obama's February speech, government IT pros had better take notice. Foreign adversaries are "seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions and our air traffic control systems," the president warned. "We cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy."

Nasscom fights to stay relevant in India's tech renaissance
This tension culminated recently when startup think tank, iSpirt--comprising 30 software vendors--announced it was splitting from the services mothership to advocate for the rights of software developers. In an era when the full power of technology is perpetually within consumer hands, there is no doubt future growth will come from indigenous app developers with the resources and skills to build billion-dollar tech businesses, the building blocks of India's own Silicon Valley.

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"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." -- African Proverb

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