June 25, 2013

Data center outage takes French state financial system offline for four days
"We can confirm that last Wednesday there was an incident affecting one of the rooms in one of our data centers," said Bull media relations manager Aurelie Negro via email. "By putting the necessary emergency plan into action, we were able to resume normal operating conditions within an hour. However, the degraded operating conditions during that hour may have had an impact on some of our customers," she wrote.

Five Great .NET Framework 4.5 Features
The problem with most of the recent Microsoft releases have been communication with .NET developers. Only one or two features are known to developers and other features just stay on MSDN and end up becoming simple documents ... Shivprasad Koirala picks his favorite five features keeping in mind the larger .NET community.

Jon Oringer of Shutterstock, on the Power of the Hackathon
"You want people who will push the thinking but not cause trouble. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a feeling you get. It’s easy to find people who will be disruptive thinkers who are reckless, but it’s hard to find disruptive thinkers who are productive. We try every day to make each dollar we spend go one penny further than it did yesterday. "

Managers, meet with your employees to show you mean business
You can ask about motivations and aspirations at annual performance appraisal time or during midyear reviews, but this approach has its limitations. For some employees a performance assessment is nerve-wracking even if they are good performers. Under these circumstances, they may not be as clear and open about their goals as you would like.

SQL Server Functions to handle date time conversion and formats.
When talking about date and time, different languages uses different standards (format) and the developer needs to take care about the date and or time format as per the geographic locations (or languages). This article will go through all the SQL Server Functions that helps to convert date and time values to and from string literals and other date and time formats.

The New Generation of Database Technology Includes Semantics and Search
“In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.” The reality is that the organizational environment is too dynamic and the schema design, data cleansing and ETL tasks required to make the enterprise data warehouse work are too complex and take too long for this approach to succeed. Organizations are starting to look at a more federated approach, combining metadata from various data silos so that they can query across these silos.

11 Ways to Make Healthcare IT Easier
Technology isn't the only challenge of meaningful use stage 2. The cultural change that comes with using technology to advance clinical processes hits some physicians hard. Two years implementing CPOE, only 55 percent of physicians at New Jersey'sCentraState Healthcare System were using it, says Neal Ganguly, vice president and CIO, admitting that there's no penalty in place for noncompliance.

So What If Chief Marketing Officers Outspend CIOs On Enterprise Tech?
CIOs might recoil in horror at the thought of commercially fueled CMOs taking over a key aspect of their domain. Buying software - wait for it - simply because it threatened to get the job done - will likely ruffle some feathers. Software companies, too, might not adapt well to the challenge of selling to an entirely different audience with significantly different motivations.

SDNs, the Hype Cycle and the Future of Network Management
SDNs will succeed because they offer real value. The payoff is speed to market, according to Bethany Mayer, the senior vice president and general manager of HP Networking. During an interview at HP Discover 2013, Mayer said that SDNs enable changes to be made in a far shorter timeframe than in an environment in which every network element must be manually adjusted.

The Most Effective Ways to Make It Right When You Screw Up
Apologies are tricky. Done right, they can resolve conflict, repair hurt feelings, foster forgiveness, and improve relationships. An apology can even keep you out of the courtroom. Despite the fact that lawyers often caution their clients to avoid apologies, fearing that they are tantamount to an admission of guilt, studies show that when potential plaintiffs receive an apology, they are more likely to settle out of court for less money.

Quote for the day:

"Two elements of successful leadership: a willingness to be wrong and an eagerness to admit it." -- Seth Godin

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