June 15, 2013

Intel wants to be your new cable provider
Intel this year plans to sell a set-top box and Internet-based streaming media service that will bundle TV channels for subscribers ... Intel's set-top box will also have a camera with recognition technology similar to that used in Microsoft's Kinect box. However, unlike Kinect, Intel's box won't track motion. It's more about identifying users and bringing up preset configurations on the box, Carvill said.

Data Design Is Not Optional
By applying a disciplined approach to the creation of these structures to store information it is possible to more easily make use of it, to find what one needs and to bring information from different systems together. This, in brief, is the practice of data modeling; and it serves a number of key functions:

3 Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Live By
With Agile, you simply are not allowed to assume everything is ok unless you hear otherwise. The point is to forever question whether you are still on the best path as a team and as a company given all the new input you receive each day. ... One of the toughest new skills I needed to learn with Agile was the willingness to question even the most basic of assumptions.

US cloud providers may have a harder time in Europe following NSA revelations
The debate over U.S. access to cloud data that the Patriot Act helped fuel has once again become a hot topic in the wake of revelations about surveillance programs such as Prism, under which the U.S. government is said to have access to data on servers supplied by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and Skype.

Why mentorship is the gift that keeps on giving
Mentors have the ability to accelerate the growth of others through their generous sharing of their perspectives, time, insights, coaching and experience. Is this a selfless act of service? Not even remotely. Savvy mentors stand to gain as much from the experience as do the proteges they guide and frequently a lot more. Are you on the fence about becoming a mentor? Consider these six ways you can personally benefit from the process.

CIOs Bullish on Cloud Benefits, But Worry About SaaS Data Silos
“Attitudes about using the cloud for business benefits are largely positive. Their biggest worry is the need to integrate their data between their different apps. SaaS solutions are just so easy to bring in, companies worry they might be creating silos of data,” Host Analytics’ CIO, Richard Broome, told IDN. ... BI makes sense as a way to solve a SaaS-sprawl of data silos, when one considers the business use cases, Broome added.

15 JavaScript Web UI library
Almost all of the rich Web applications are based on one or more Web UI library or framework, these UI library and framework greatly simplifies the development process, and to bring consistent, reliable, and highly interactive user interface. This article describes the 15 very powerful JavaScript Web UI library, ideal for a variety of all sizes-rich Web application development.

Business Architecture Making a Difference in their Organizations
Business architecture is still new enough that highly successful practices are difficult to find. Most organizations are struggling to get off the ground and gain traction. However, we can learn a lot from the currently successful trail blazers. Powerful business architecture practices – those making a significant difference in their organizations:

NASA CIO unable to implement effective IT governance
"We found that the complexity of the board structure and a lack of documentation and training to explain the interrelationship of the boards has led to confusion among agency IT personnel about the roles and responsibilities of the boards and diminished their value to the governance process," write report authors. It's also unclear what issues and initiatives must go before the boards for approval, so IT managers instead rely on informal relationships to move projects forward, says OIG.

SLAs crucial for cloud security
Morgan notes that chief accountability for data security will always rest with the enterprise itself. However, careful selection of the cloud service provider and the SLAs in place can help to mitigate any risks. ... “You need to look before you leap. There are few service providers who can do it properly.” Morgan says enterprises should assess what the cloud solution was built for – ask: is it for test and development only, or can we put production workloads in the cloud?

Quote for the day:

"Without courage, you cannot practice any of the other virtues." -- Maya Angelou,

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