June 09, 2013

The digital-wallet business is rough — just ask Google
While a decent amount of Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones have NFC enabled in their hardware, only Sprint allows Google Wallet on devices. Having to battle with other carriers, on top of other wallet companies and Apple, with its own forays into Passbook, will further stretch Google Wallet as it struggles to find a steady audience that has access to the product.

SugarSync rolls out remote wipe for PCs and Macs
With the new Remote Wipe feature, both business and individual consumer users can remove all of their synced files. The new tool is also being marketed as a way to make transferring ownership of a computer simpler as all personal or business data stored in the SugarSync cloud can be easily removed and then quickly synced again to a new device.

How to Cultivate a Data Driven Marketing Team
Data: You can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it . At least, that’s how a lot of marketers feel. In fact, the affair between marketers and their data is often somewhat of a love-hate relationship. ... even though data can come with its challenges, successful marketers understand that it’s a necessary evil, and most even learn to love data because it makes them better marketers.

Data breaches caused mostly by negligence and glitches, study finds
Almost two-thirds of data breaches in 2012 could be attributed to negligence or human error (35 percent) and system glitches (29 percent), reported the eighth annual Ponemon Global Cost of a Data Breach study. However, malicious attacks remain the single highest cause of breaches, with 37 percent of the intrusion pie.
Those figures vary by nation, the report showed.

Dell, Oracle form strategic partnership for integrated systems
"We test it together, we patch it together, we support it together," Hurd said. The goal is to free enterprises from integration and maintenance tasks and let IT departments spend more time on internal innovation, Hurd said. "This allows customers to get integrated solutions and support from Dell, with Oracle support backing their entire solution," Hurd said.

Under the covers of the NSA’s big data effort
Yes, the agency has a lot of data and can do some powerful analysis, but, the argument goes, there are strict limits in place around how the agency can use it and who has access. Whether that’s good enough is still an open debate, but here’s what we know about the technology that’s underpinning all that data.

IaaS infringes on acceptance of true PaaS cloud architecture
“PaaS gave us the flexibility to be very nimble as a team, to prototype quickly -- and to throw stuff away if it didn’t work,” said Mario Cruz, Choose Digital’s CTO and cofounder. It meant the company didn’t need to hire dedicated infrastructure and operations staff, and instead could focus on hiring developers. “It’s like having a whole infrastructure team in-house, without actually having an infrastructure team,” Cruz said.

Managing the people side of risk
The cultural differences between companies that acknowledge risk and those that do not are quite stark. ... The best cultures actively seek information about and insight into risk by making it everyone’s responsibility to flag potential issues. ... In the best of cases, respect for rules can be a powerful source of competitive advantage.

Beginner's guide to R: Introduction
Because it's a programmable environment that uses command-line scripting, you can store a series of complex data-analysis steps in R. That lets you re-use your analysis work on similar data more easily than if you were using a point-and-click interface, notes Hadley Wickham, author of several popular R packages and chief scientist with RStudio.

The 90 Minute Guide to Agile – What, Why, How
Allan Kelly, the author of 'Business Patterns for Software Developers' (2012) and 'Changing Software Development: Learning to become Agile' (2008) and also the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, explains What Agile is, Why companies are adopting it in increasing numbers and How it works, providing suggestions on how to start an Agile initiative and how to do things right.

Quote for the day:

"Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself." -- Richard M. Nixon

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