June 13, 2013

Wrestling with the concept of private PaaS
Before comparing private versus public PaaS, it's important to understand the definition of Platform as a Service as a technology. PaaS, no matter if it's private or public, provides basic development, deployment and operations capabilities that support the design, coding, testing and management of cloud-based systems. The value of this technology is that it provides your enterprise an alternative to support whatever development tools are in style at the time, including purchasing the servers on which to run them.

Here, FIDO! If We Build Stronger Authentication, Will Consumers Come?
Formed in July 2012, the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance is developing specifications for "an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that supplant reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services". ... There's usually a bit of a chicken-and-egg dynamic at play between vendors, sites, and users – each group needs to believe there is (or will be) a critical mass of the other two, to make their own adoption worthwhile.

New Android malware should be wake-up call for security admins
As soon as a Java or Flash exploit is found, for example, hackers go out and create code that can take advantage of it, and then try to get as many people as possible before a fix happens. But the serious desktop threats are those pieces of malware which are sophisticated enough to use many paths of entry, and complex enough to remain undetected via multiple means of stealth. This is what this particular malware is doing.

Facebook and Microsoft join call to disclose FISA requests
"We would welcome the opportunity to provide a transparency report that allows us to share with those who use Facebook around the world a complete picture of the government requests we receive, and how we respond. "We urge the United States government to help make that possible by allowing companies to include information about the size and scope of national security requests we receive, and look forward to publishing a report that includes that information."

CEM Method advanced principles 2013
BP Group have got to get scientific about the customer experience. CEMMethod has grown and developed over the last decade to make this a reality - get the latest thinking here. ... The CEMMethod® techniques and approaches are flexible and straight forward to use.On occasions an extensive toolkit may be required, in other situations point solutions may be appropriate.

iRobot's New Ava 500 Puts Robotics In Heart Of The Enterprise
The Ava 500 is an autonomous, high-end audio, HD video, top-of-the-line telepresence robot designed to be your meeting surrogate in the enterprise. In the official announcement today, the two companies called the Ava 500 a self navigating, video collaboration robot with Cisco TelePresence EX60. ... The Ava 500 was carefully designed to represent the physical space a human would occupy and deliver an experience that wasn’t a barrier to communications.

90 PC of Organizations will not own or control data: Gartner
"As the amount of personal information increases multifold, individuals and their personal data will increasingly become a security target. And, yet in most scenarios the organization is still ultimately accountable for the personal data on its IT systems," said Carsten Casper, research vice president at Gartner. "The time has come to create an exit strategy for the management of personal data. Strategic planning leaders will want to move away from storing and processing personal data in the next five years."

When Can Worse Data Quality Be Better?
Like truth, beauty, and art, data quality can be said to be in the eyes — or the ears — of the beholder. So, if your favorite music sounds fine to you in MP3 file format, then not only do you not need vinyl records, audio tapes, and CDs anymore, but if you consider MP3 files good enough, then you will not pay more attention to (or pay more money for) audio data quality.

A variety of options make data center expansion difficult
A containerized data center uses prefabricated containers to provide computing space along with suitable power and cooling infrastructure. Containers are dropped off (often on-premise) and interconnected to an existing facility. Additional containers can be deployed as computing needs grow. Containers are often a good fit for long-term projects such as disaster recovery preparedness or during data center renovations.

HP adds purpose-built all-flash array to 3Par lineup
There are other flash-only arrays, including new platforms from startups, that have hardware and software tuned to take advantage of flash drives, said Leah Schoeb, an analyst at Evaluator Group. "The nice thing HP has done is, they've done it within an existing architecture," Schoeb said. As a result, the 7450 brings along features that have been refined on the 3Par platform over the years, including thin provisioning, data compression, replication and snapshots, she said.

Quote for the day:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." -- Henry Ford

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