June 20, 2013

The GRC maturity model and value proposition
Not surprisingly, organizations evolve with respect to GRC capabilities in different ways and timeframes and, at any given point, achieve varying levels of proficiency and benefit commonly described by stages of maturity. ... The Global Association of Risk Professionals provides us with an effective way to organize our thinking and facilitate conversations regarding the anticipated benefits of enacting integrated GRC programs.

Scaling Storage Is Hard To Do
No more monoliths or clusters. The new wave of startups recognize this, with companies and projects as diverse as Amazon S3, Cleversafe, Ceph, Exablox, Gridstore, and Convergent.io moving rapidly to offer object-based storage. Object storage is nothing new (hello Centera, HCP, Caringo, etc) but perhaps it has finally found its place at the center of the enterprise storage universe!

BSIMM4 measures and advances secure application development
The Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM, pronounced "bee simm") is an observation-based scientific model ... The most important use of the BSIMM is as a measuring stick to determine where your firm's software security initiative currently stands relative to other firms. Do this by noting which activities you already have in place, and useg "activity coverage" to determine the level and build a scorecard.

Evolution of search in big data as told by LucidWorks
The key challenge today is moving from rigid systems that gathered, organized, and analyzed data based upon previously known questions to dynamic systems that can immediately look at streams of rapidly changing data coming from many sources. Their hope is that today's systems can help analysts discover the right questions to ask, rather than just providing the answers to previously known questions.

Promoting yourself as a thought leader
You’ve spent time thinking about leadership. You’ve practiced its principles. You’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t work. The next step for you may be articulating your leadership style in a way others can reproduce. Regardless of how you decide to disseminate your information, once you come to an executive position, sharing your leadership skills by living your truths and writing about them can benefit you and your organization.

Spy-proof enterprise encryption is possible, but daunting
"While all reputable companies will want to comply with the laws of the states in which they do business, encryption can give them full visibility into what is being monitored so that they can be a willing and active partner in government investigations," said Mark Bower, vice president of product management at data protection vendor Voltage Security, via email.

Do You Really Think for Yourself?
We are more susceptible to the influence of others than we might think. Get in touch with your beliefs. Don’t assume them to be true. But then again, don’t assume that others are right either. Use critical thinking. Ask why you believe what you believe. Groups can be quite influential at a subconscious level, causing us to change our minds without thinking.

Dimensions of Data Quality Under the Microscope
When discussing the level of agreement on the dimensions of quality, consensus of definition should be measured within its intended scope. Dimensions of quality are most often implemented as a part of a broader data quality/governance effort and, as such, are determined and maintained within a given unit of authority, like the data governance board of an organization. There is authority given to them by the leadership of that organization and consensus is only required within that group (or within the data management roles across the company).

Develop a compliance culture to implement anti-money laundering guidelines
Know your customer (KYC), an essential prescribed precaution, must be coupled with know your employees (KYE). There are a host of instances that highlight the involvement of employees in fraudulent transactions and in most cases in league with customers as the Cobrapost sting operation indicated. The sting operation captured employees advising the customers how they could convert their black money by opening multiple accounts, engaging mules, and many other such methods.

Stratos 2.0 Supports Any Runtime and 30 IaaS
Cartridges are a way of packaging a runtime making it available to be run on Stratos. There are two types of cartridges: Carbon and non-Carbon. Carbon or Product Cartridges are wrappers around WSO2 middleware products, including ESB, API Manager, Application Server, Governance Registry, Business Process Manager, Identity Server, WSO2 Message Broker, etc.. These cartridge are provided by WSO2.

Quote for the day:

"Unclear expectations lead to inefficient processes and subpar performance." -- Christine Lotze

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